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Zkittles And White Widow Grow Updates

By @ggardener09 on 25 Sep 2019.
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*Hi all! This is G Gardener.*
*Gardening has been real fun to me, i love it and it makes me complete, especially caretaking the magical green herb.*

Gardening is my passion and blogging is my hobby, and may be that’s the reason my post are up so late regarding the updates.

Here, i am going to leave you with some pictures of my favorite Zkittles Og along sude White Widow.

Zkittles Og Bushy look (Sep 5)


White Widow a bit shorter than zkittles and bushy too IMG_20190925_202700.JPG IMG_20190925_202715.JPG

Working with Sunraise led lights(sep 6) IMG_20190925_202727.JPG

WW leaves looks lovely, isn’t it? Can’t wait for this to flowers and stretch(sep 7) IMG_20190925_202738.JPG


Both the girls (sep 8) IMG_20190925_203001.JPG IMG_20190925_203014.JPG

Zkittles showing some sign of flowering i hope. (sep 9) IMG_20190925_203027.JPG


Well, a few leaves removed so that the light gets to the lower bud sooner before the stretch IMG_20190925_203052.JPG IMG_20190925_203106.JPG IMG_20190925_203120.JPG

White widow IMG_20190925_203136.JPG

My gardener who watches it when i am at work lol!! IMG_20190925_202808.JPG

I don’t wanna make the post so long and i also don’t want to cut out any updates shot, so i will be back tomorrow no matter what, with the remaining updates on White Widow and Zkittles till up to date.

Thanks for your time :)

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