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Some people in Nigeria supports CBD products but then they stigmatize the whole cannabis plant. You cannot just take a part of the plant and make it holy then make the rest evil. It is absurd to me. But then again, I won’t expect anything from anti-marijuana agitators. They already regard stoner's like me as social scourge and dregs of society but I still do not care what they think. But this is my reasons why I do not fancy CBD exclusive drugs or recommend it to people who need it.

1. Builds up a tolerance faster This plant is better as a whole drug. The disadvantage of CBD exclusive drugs is that it contains just a single compound which like most synthetic drugs it will eventually build up tolerance more quickly and the users will eventually have to introduce THC in any form just to offset the body tolerance to CBD products. Let us Consider drug like Marinol, which is a synthetic version of THC mostly given to patients suffering from the effects of chemotherapy, like nausea. Most users of merinol have complained of the tolerance build-up of the drugs so they mostly need to use CBD drugs to offset the body. This was gotten from Merinol site Dosage Titration If tolerated and further therapeutic effect is desired, the dosage may be increased gradually to 2.5 mg one hour before lunch and 5 mg one hour before dinner. Increase the dose of MARINOL gradually in order to reduce the frequency of dose-related adverse reactions Just to show how the tolerance build-up in a day.

The same with Epidiolex (a synthetic drug for epilepsy patients). Can you see now that marijuana is better as a whole-plant medicine, rather than as an isolated product No doubt some people don’t want the euphoria that comes with THC so opting for a CBD only products seems okay to them and I sincerely do not have an issue with that but don’t go around feeling better than those who like to use the whole plant. The plant is original designed to be taken in its complete form. Spiegel says the difference between using cannabis and using a prescription drug can be compared to the difference between eating whole foods and “eating out of a can.”

  1. It is Expensive: Products made exclusively with CBD are mostly costly. In Nigeria, you can get good CBD products as high as N75,000 that is about $200 when I can get a good weed for $5. I can get enough weed that will last me for two months for less than $100. The only time I took CBD products was just the one I prepared for my girlfriend because she was struggling with Dysmenorrhea and she doesn’t want to smoke weed. She actually told me it worked for her but still am not a fan of CBD exclusive products. I just feel you will benefit more if you consume the whole plant. If I need to use CBD oil I will prepare it myself.
  2. It is hard to recognize fake CBD products in Nigeria: Marijuana is illegal in my country but a big e-commerce website still sells CBD products and they are mostly fake shit. Everyone in Nigeria claims to be CBD experts. Some folks just add up whatever they like into a sealed bottled rubber and then sell it as CBD oil. It is mostly taken at the risk of the patients because medical practitioners won’t even recommend CBD oil to anyone in Nigeria. Some white folks come down here to organize health events and then sell off their products with bogus claims of treating cancer of the breast, malaria and many other unknown diseases. I get very angry when these folks make others feel like CBD oil can treat every disease. These companies don’t even care about cannabis legalization in Africa. They just want to sell their products. I would have been happy if they organize an event to educate the masses about Marijuana. But most of their events have nothing to do with cannabis, they hardly want to educate people about the plants they just want to sell CBD oil. So, in the end, people don’t see cannabis they see a medical“PRODUCTS” with a pinch of marijuana. Do you get?
  3. Keep my weed sacred: I am not always happy when I see a big pharmacy or tobacco company going into the production of cannabis products. I understand that it will help speed up global recognition and legalization but I still do not trust any centralized system. They mostly care about big bucks and nothing more. Sincerely most cannabis companies are not happy people grow their own weed. An espidoe in South Park portrayed the mind of big cannabis companies like MEDmen. This was a conversation between Randy and a local in the 23rd season of South Park

“What do you think?,” said Steven, Randy’s toking neighbour. “I started growing my own plants a couple of weeks ago.”

“You’re stealing my idea, Steven!” Randy shot back.

“Come on! Growing marijuana is not your idea.”

“Yeah-huh! While you assholes were out screwing around, I went out and made a living! When you grow your own pot, you’re taking weed out of my children’s mouths!” The above conversation between Randy and the locals got me laughing all day.

Maybe because of my deep background in the crypto space. I just feel nothing good will come out of this folks. They care only about the money and they will do anything to sell their product even if they will have to alter their cannabis product or add other addictive substance into it. I do not trust them. Historically cannabis has always been regarded as a sacred plant so growing and consuming your own products is far better than trying to institutionalize the production of cannabis by a big company. I always made reference to how the sacred Hindu used cannabis and viewed cannabis The Hindu scripture Atharva Veda (1400 BCE), described cannabis as being one of five plants that provide “freedom from distress.” Bhang is still used today and is such an integral part of Hindu practices that it was excluded from the government’s Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act of 1985. And this is how I view my plant. Take it off the hands of any centralize system. Let us enjoy our weed with is full capacity.

In conclusion, CBD is a great side product of marijuana but please let the focus be on Marijuana first before CBD oil or any other synthetic drugs made from it. It will better help in normalizing how people view marijuana users all over the world. I want to be alive when smoking weed will be socially accepted as drinking alcohol in Nigeria.

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