Why does Da Vinci’s Jesus look so... Stoned ?

By @offgrid on 7 May 2020.

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I guess I’m not the only one who sees this....

Why Does Da Vinci’s Jesus Look So. . . Stoned? Mike Lankford on the High Renaissance

This is a very interesting read.....

Source https://lithub.com/why-does-da-vincis-jesus-look-so-stoned/


>“Knowledge of herbs and medicinal potions was passed from country people and herb-gatherers to apothecaries, and herb gardens were a common feature of monasteries. From the early 14th-century manuscript Tractatus de Herbis it is evident that the plant Canapa (Cannabis sativa) was known and available.”

>So what do we make of this? To my mind, the High Renaissance is akin to other creative explosions we do know much more about, like London and the birth of the novel, or New Orleans and the birth of jazz, or Paris and modern art, or New York and modern jazz—all these places had an illicit, dangerous edge to them. Borders were being crossed, laws bent, hybrids being born, and, yes. . . herbs were probably smoked.

>They had cannabis back in Jesus’s time as well, but that’s another subject.

Well.... we all know for a Fact that the plant called “Kaneh Bosm” was used by Moses to make the Anointing Oil and the Incense used in the Tent of Meeting. .... that was always filled with Smoke.

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