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White Widow And Z Kittles OG Grow Updates

By @ggardener09 on 29 Sep 2019.
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Hi all! This is G Gardener.
Gardening has been real fun to me, i love it and it makes me complete, especially caretaking the magical green herb.

Gardening is my passion and blogging is my hobby, and may be that’s the reason my post are up so late regarding the updates.

Here, i am going to leave you with some pictures of my favorite Zkittles Og along side White Widow.

Z OG just started flowering and these are the before and after shots (sep 10) IMG_20190929_214019.JPG IMG_20190929_214037.JPG IMG_20190929_214055.JPG

Z OG goes onto flowering after 6 weeks and 2 days, trimming done (sep 15) IMG_20190929_214130.JPG IMG_20190929_214145.JPG IMG_20190929_214205.JPG IMG_20190929_214224.JPG

Leafed out IMG_20190929_214330.JPG

White W last grow nutes and trimming done for flowering IMG_20190929_214257.JPG IMG_20190929_214314.JPG

WW and ZOG after 7 weeks (sep 19) IMG_20190929_214344.JPG IMG_20190929_214411.JPG 64325339_2892175381008378_6718931214376553850_n.jpg

Both being streched a bit i think and it seems like they are growing of small size. Nutrients upping in progress too (sep 20) IMG_20190929_214429.JPG IMG_20190929_214445.JPG IMG_20190929_214459.JPG IMG_20190929_214518.JPG IMG_20190929_214534.JPG

Trimmed ZOG on day 50 (sep 21) IMG_20190929_214600.JPG IMG_20190929_214613.JPG IMG_20190929_214629.JPG IMG_20190929_214646.JPG

ZOG got lively here (sep 24) IMG_20190929_214706.JPG

White Widow’s time is coming (sep 26) IMG_20190929_214721.JPG

Z OG IMG_20190929_214742.JPG

Onto flowering both and the current state on today’s date. IMG_20190929_214757.JPG 1 more week of nutrients to give and then onto flowering period. IMG_20190929_214817.JPG

I want to come up with my other plants(White Rhino and Jeddie cookies and bluecheese auto) updates which are satisfyingly growing so well and if you are following my dates you sure will be eager too watch those.

Thanks for your time :)

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