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WHITE DOMINA pure indica Evening Smoke with Blackberry Skunk Flavored Papers - Relaxing Euphoric Cushion

By @jackdub on 14 Dec 2019.
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I rolled up a Friday Evening smoke with White Domina buds and Blackberry Skunk flavored papers. Tasty and relaxing tokes with a cheerful cushion.

WHITE DOMINA pure indica

The White Domina pure indica strain is a Black Domina variety that was created with the crossing of two Black Domina plants.


White Domina scent and flavor

Sweet earthy fruity light pungent chemical spice scent to them with a sweet fruity chemical citrus pine spice flavor.


White Domina effects (Source)

The resin production on this 100% pure indica variety is out of this world! White Domina is has beautiful frosty buds that are also great for hash production. White Domina is a spectacular variety with incredibly high levels of THC and narcotic indica effects.


Blackberry Skunk flavored papers

I reached for the Blackberry Skunk flavored papers for the White Domina bud roll up. Light weight papers with a sweet blackberry cinnamon scent and flavor. Smooth burning wood fiber papers.

IMG_20191213_224122~2.jpg IMG_20191213_224321~2.jpg



Blazed at 11:00PM


White Domina + Blackberry Skunk flavor

Sweet fruity blackberrychemical pine cinnamon spice flavor - mouth watering and numbing blackberry pine spice.


White Domina effects

Mind relaxed, cushioned, and lightly stoned - mouth and face numbed and tingling lightly. Eye lids lightly relaxed and slightly puffy - euphoria bubbling up from the solar plexus, chest cushioned and buzzing. Face warmed, cheerful and laid back perma-grin.


A Few More Tokes…

Tasty flavor pairing - sweet, spicy, and refreshing - the Blackberry Skunk papers burned slow and smooth. I’ll save these laid back White Domina buds for evening tokes.


Have a great day!

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