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Where Can You Buy Recreational Cannabis Starting Sunday In Michigan

By @goldendawne on 29 Nov 2019.
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It was just over 12 months ago when the residents of Michigan voted to allow the sale of recreational marijuana.

But that only was supposed to mean, you would be able to start legally purchasing cannabis after dispensaries and businesses were set up to sell. Keep in mind, businesses had to apply for a license; which can be a lengthy process, as well as having a crop ready for sale.

But a loophole in the bill… makes it perfectly legal to start purchasing recreational marijuana starting in two days!

Yes! This Sunday, December 1, residents can legally purchase cannabis for recreational use!


But… there’s a hitch!

There are only three… YES THREE… locations in the state that an legally sell it! So where are these locations? Let’s see…

ANN ARBOR, MI — The state issued recreational retail licenses to two more businesses. Both are located in Ann Arbor and expect to open their doors to customers on Sunday, Dec. 1. The businesses include Greenstone Provisions, 338 S. Ashley St. and Arbors Wellness, 321 E. Liberty St. They join Exclusive Brands, 3820 Varsity Dr., as the only three licensed recreational shops in the state

Too bad this doesn’t take effect on Saturday for the BIG Michigan V. Ohio State college football game; as we all know, UofM is located in Ann Arbor.

I would expect to see LONG lines at the locations starting Sunday at 9am when the sales go into effect. If I lived closer, I would go there and hang out just to talk to people, try to buy some cannabis and see how many people actually show up to buy some.




In addition to the three licensed recreational retailers, the state Marijuana Regulatory Office has issued five non-retail licenses for recreational business, including a testing license to PSI Labs in Ann Arbor; grow and processing licenses to Exclusive Brands in Ann Arbor; a processor license to Ann Arbor’s Arbor Kitchen and an event organizer license to Real Leaf Solutions in Kalkaska

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