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When Your Finally Able To Smoke Weed Again 🔥🔥🔥

By @d00k13 on 15 Dec 2019.
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Heading out for that first joint was so nice 🥰

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I had to “breathe toke” as I still am not allowed to “suck” but I still got a decent high 🤪

Been a few days... of no smoking 🚭 anything since I had my tooth extraction and man was I getting edgy without my weed!

Luckily I had nicotine patches left from my last attempt at quitting smoking but trying to function on edibles at work does not go well for me 😅 so other than a few gummies afterwards I went without!

You know I was finding it hard to look in on the platform, kinda like insult to injury, if I cannot partake then I feel excluded and my interest in seeing anything relative to cannabis goes straight out the window! Just being honest 😎 .... does anyone else feel the same way?

I know some of you don’t even smoke at all so I assume it’s my “addiction” to smoking and trying to fight the urge but do those of you whom don’t partake also feel the same kinda “I just don’t wanna look” exclusion? Just curious 🤔 please be honest knowing I will not judge as each persons feelings are true to themselves.

Being on the mend now and looking at some serious expenses for a dental implant(the tooth they took was my last chewer on the bottom left) I’m kinda leery to commit to anything still... I am gonna have to hustle my ass in the 9-5 for the next 4 months to be able to afford this implant(have to pay upfront and won’t receive coverage till after its successful) as if I miss that 2-4 month window after extraction prices nearly double and chances of failure increase exponentially each month and will require bone grafting 🤦‍♂️

Also with the implant I will have to quit smoking completely for nearly a year 😳 if I smoke anything the chances of failure are more than doubled because it hinders healing which needs to be done quickly 😣

Anyways... that will all come in time but for now I’m just gonna keep enjoying my weed and pushing forwards doing what I can to support this platform... on that note I’m going out for another 😘

Till Next Time... Smokem If Yea Gottem

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