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What Happened To Bud? / Hollywoods Cannabis Pioneers

By @lordoftruth on 22 Nov 2019.
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He was Bud on “Father Knows Best” (FKB) from 1954 to 1960 but his acting career took a hit in 1962, when a police officer arrested him for possession of #Marijuana at the age of 24, he spent 45 days in jail and sadly the 1962 arrest ruined his career, but the TV show continued to live on in reruns, moving to daytime in 1963.

56 years ago, on the afternoon of 22 November 1963, much of America was finishing watching a rerun of the episode “Man About Town” of the TV show “Father Knows Best” (Bud tries to date an older woman named Marisa by lying about his age) on ABC when news broke in that “POTUS JFK” had been shot (See Broadcast).


James ‘Bud’ Anderson Jr. / William Thomas ‘Billy’ Gray

"William Thomas 'Billy' Gray" was born on January 13, 1938 in Los Angeles, he is an American former actor and motorcyclist. He was known as an alien in the movie "The Day the Earth Stood Still" and known primarily for his role as "James 'Bud' Anderson Jr.", in 193 episodes of the situation comedy "Father Knows Best".

“FKB” purported to be a reasonable facsimile of life, the bad thing is that the model is so deceitful. It usually revolved around not wanting to tell the truth, either out of embarrassment or not wanting to hurt someone! If I could say anything to make up for all the years I lent myself to that kind of bullshit, it would be “You Know Best”.

“Gray”, the Inventor of the F-1 guitar pick, has been involved in the sport of speedway motorcycle Racing as a competitor from the ’70s to the ’90s. His bike was known as the “Orange Crate Special”, and later as the “Orange Blossom Special”.

Bud Smoking Bud

A cop stopped Bud (Gray) while he was parking and then searched his car after detecting the odor of Bud. He shared too that he had forgotten that he had the bag of #Cannabis seeds in the car and had kept it to give to a friend to see if his friend could get some seeds to take root.

Gray stated as well that his defense that the officer lacked probable cause to approach Gray in the first place failed and that the judge sentenced him to a prison term of between one and ten years. He served 45 days. When asked if other inmates had attacked him either because he was “Famous” or simply because he was an attractive young guy, Gray responded that he was punched in the face. He was the victim of a serious physical assault.

When Gray was asked if he had thought about the direction that his career would have taken if he had not been arrested, his answered, he might have played a sailor on “McHale’s Navy” or a young newlywed on another sitcom, he stated that “It [any role that he played] would have been an extension of #Bud”. His arrest and short jail term were the only hint of scandal in his entire life, but the publicity made him virtually unemployable in Hollywood for years.

Gray began smoking #Pot when he was fourteen and when asked if he was ever high on the set, he responded that he was once. He agreed with many arguments for #Legalizing marijuana but that kids particularly who were caught breaking any law should be held accountable for their actions. Gray was not referring to teens getting a criminal record and losing the chance to attend college, he was most likely referring to his own situation.

Gray criticized the insistence of “Kent Cigarettes”, which sponsored the show, that the question mark be removed from the original title “Father Knows Best?” Gray said that series star “Robert Young” intended that the show depict that Father did not always know best, but that Kent wanted the father to be shown as being infallible, because Kent wanted to present a powerful image for its product.


Today the 81-year-old former child star and motorcycle enthusiast co-owns “BigRock Engineering”, which markets products he invented, including high-tech guitar picks.

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