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Week 5 of flower

By @gallahad on 15 Oct 2019.
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My last post was 3 weeks into to flower. I started the 12-12 cycle and the results were great of course, but switched to 10-14 223BC1BD-3232-4437-8AB3-D01C4C204B79.jpeg83E83969-2653-4E04-A12D-EB2DEF8B19DE.jpeg5E1D5D96-21A0-4E4A-8670-CFBEA78B264C.jpeg88B84344-49C1-43DF-93F5-1E61EBE253AB.jpeg9D74591E-BAFC-4DE4-8D47-EE6DB8187A73.jpeg1971B12A-1A8C-4133-805D-535DCC4EFE33.jpeg so At week 4 I made the switch to 10-14 and the result was pretty good, I feel like I got a little more density in my buds. 0CD6F31E-F743-477F-BFE5-EFE68FD7DA4E.jpeg988A9476-922B-4962-9844-045C6FEFBDCE.jpeg99AF9134-EB86-4C9B-8F72-6E220DB31E22.jpegto supplement the light schedule switch to 10-14 I changed to red light spectrum. CD149A82-FD5C-4573-8289-917A5827A7FC.jpegF9358A64-AAB0-4751-BADB-AF9A422D0D49.jpeg5EF8F6FD-9762-403B-A665-3DD24AF9A3B8.jpeg0F944E8E-F947-4082-B907-2067A41DD25F.jpeg I really hope the red light spectrum on a 10-14 light schedule is making a difference I want to say it is but only time will tellE0781BDB-1DCD-4FEB-B7B7-60E631D465A3.jpeg2249E7C3-EB58-47AB-8FB6-9D407341DE50.jpeg5749B904-1BD1-406F-9487-606868286FC1.jpeg I’m going to run this 10-14 for 2 weeks then for a week go 10-10 then 2 or 3 days of complete darkeness then it’s harvest time A21C985C-B591-4547-9A5E-5E0858DF7CBC.jpeg1EFB0243-DE83-4A6D-A828-448446AA0619.jpeg71383970-22CC-4A88-AA38-E579382039A0.jpeg like I said it’s almost harvest time though I do have a question for the smoke network729F7574-3D95-43F5-B787-FA393F6022AA.jpeg13116724-0BD3-4E68-B13A-84B1964CB849.jpegthe inner leaves look lighter I read at one point that meant they were getting closer to harvest time? Let me know what you think.