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Weed Comedy & Stupidity Of Prohibition / Hindsight 2020

By @lordoftruth on 16 Jan 2020.
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The stoner comedy is a long, storied Hollywood tradition. For nearly a century, #Marijuana has been a source of subversive yuks. During prohibition, simply bringing it up made one a bit of a rebel. The weed humor crystalized with "Cheech and Chong" during the ‘70s as part of the hippie counterculture and continuing to the present.

Hollywood has offered no shortage of cannabis-themed movies for the #Stoner cinephile. The tropes of weed comedy has stayed fairly consistent through the decades, while the "Stupidity Of Prohibition" provided also a lot of comic fodder.

In the era of #Cannabis legalization and cultural acceptance, the standard tropes of weed-based humor are ready for the gong and the hook. Comedy is truth and subversion, while humor clears debris and makes room for the new.

The new are weed-themed TV episode, Netflix and "Swearnet", they have a shorter relationship with #Pot than its bigger cousin, but a stronger one as they spread #Canna-Culture everywhere. The Canadian mockumentary television series "Trailer Park Boys" by "Mike Clattenburg" is one of those shows.


Trailer Park Boys

The "Boys" are best on their own, after "High Fuckers". One of them explained the whole history of the universe in "The Big Fucking Bang Theory" - EP17, the last year while few months ago in "Brain Fuckers" - EP20, another boy of got vibrated with some fucked facts, he started to talk like a butterfly, trying to find out WTF a foopa is!

As "Hindsight" is always 20/20, the boys watched "Hindsight in 2020" few days ago enjoying "Rachel & David" discussion about specific states that had legalized #Cannabis in one way or another in 2019.

https://youtu.be/s7XHI4udh3s Rachel & David / Hindsight in 2020 - EP23

2020, The Year Of the Hindsight / January 10, 2020

"Rachel & David" discussion inspired them, the reason why the boys have recovered from their holiday partying and went back to us to discuss the dangers of flying with #Weed, the Australian disaster, and deep space' news in "2020, The Year Of the Hindsight"!

https://youtu.be/m2E3Xr8z_mc 2020, The Year Of the Hindsight - EP41

Hang out with Ricky, Julian and Bubbles, watch or listen "Episode 41 - 2020" and enjoy the way how they are smoking and talking about whatever the hell pops up in their brains!

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