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Weed & Fight / From MMA To Spiritleaf

By @lordoftruth on 16 Mar 2020.
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Being a violent and physically demanding sport, MMA has a significant impact on the body, so no wonder MMA-fighters are heading to #Cannabis for rest and recovery, they are using pure THC distilled oil to aid sleep, an edible microdose to combat anxiety, or a natural CBD to fight inflammation and pain.

The owner of the "Spiritleaf Cannabis Retail Store" in "West Kelowna", came from a martial arts background, he was fighting in professional MMA, his MMA professional fight record is 7 wins, 4 losses, and 0 draws.

Due to rough sport and ton of contacts during his MMA years, he had bad injuries, the reason why he got into #Marijuana, it kept him off the harmful opioids and helped him through injuries, he said:

I had a neck injury that caused a ton of nerve pain. I was on opiates for about two to three weeks, and I just felt awful. I was fogged out. A family member of mine said ‘try this out’ and he had a medical license so I got into a bit.


Spiritleaf Owner / Michael Adams

When he started using it he felt the difference in using medical cannabis versus pharmaceutical drugs, he was convinced after he felt the effects, and this why he started researching it after his last fight on 24 January 2015 in BFL.

He found that its compounds are the perfect tools to allow MMA-fighters to recover from hard workouts, and its main benefits provide are muscle recovery, anti-inflammation, improvement of painful joints, sleep aids, increased metabolism, pain relief, anti-anxiety, and brain outbreak.

When the cannabis industry became legal in his country he decided to start his own cannabis business, he explained:

I researched some reputable companies and Spiritleaf was one that stuck out to me. I purchased a franchise, rolled the dice, and we tried to do all the steps correctly along the way

His store was opened a few months ago and his products are limited. He offers cookies, chocolates, mints, gummies, and CBD tea. He advises his first-time clients to try only one piece of his edibles and to wait a few hours to up the dosage because #Edible products react in varied ways to different individuals, he said:

Some people will metabolize it really quickly, half an hour to 45 minutes. Some people, the onset will take two hours, so again that’s why we’re always telling our customers to go low and slow.

It is another proof that #Weed and MMA go hand in hand, he left MMA to offer access to what he believes is the best #Edible products !


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