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Weed & Fight / Calvillo Case & High Rollerz

By @lordoftruth on 9 Mar 2020.
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The majority of MMA fighters take cannabis in some form "More UFC fighters smoke pot than don’t smoke pot", some of them smoke weed to relax pre-fight nerves or use CBD as an anti-inflammatory to can soothe aches and pains. Others, liked superstar UFC fighter "Eddie Bravo", uses it to fight more creatively.

The debate between recreational #Marijuana and MMA has been controversial for a long time as many MMA fighters who abide by the rule of not smoking during the competitions, test positive anyway because of how long weed stays in their system, punishing fines and even suspensions or bans from competitions.

In MMA scene, there are more and more fighters who are coming out to support lifting weed's ban as the health benefits #Weed can offer can’t be overlooked for much longer because many fighters are refusing prescription painkillers in favor of self-medicating with the cheaper flowers of cannabis.

The sad thing, they continue to bar fighters who fail marijuana tests. As examples, UFC fighter "Nate Diaz" has been caught but was suspended for marijuana three times in his career and received a whopping $165,000 fine and 5-year suspension, while "UFC Strawweight Cynthia Calvillo" received a 9-month ban for testing positive!


Calvillo Case

She made cannabis-related news when she was suspended nine months and was fined $6,150 by NAC for a positive in-competition marijuana test in relation to her "UFC 219 Fight", the failed test caused her to lose her sponsorship with "UFC Partner BodyArmor".

She revealed she has a medical prescription for #Cannabis and stated she had not ingested any of the substance for almost a week leading up to the fight, she said:

I didn't think it was wrong to smoke marijuana. I have a medical card. They say you have to be literally pretty super, super high in order to test positive the day of the fight. There’s no way in hell I smoked or took any cannabis the week of my fight at all. Let alone the day of my fight.

It just doesn’t seem right that she was punished for weed as it enhanced her performance at all!


High Rollerz

Marijuana has become widely accepted across the globe, so why are they still testing for #Pot in MMA? To reject the debate between marijuana and MMA, "Matt Staudt & Big Lonn Howard" decided to set a new standard for MMA, they put a cannabis-infused jiu-jitsu tournament "High Rollerz" where UFC fighters get high with their opponent before competing as there is no drug testing here. They can smoke weed before and during matches while the winner’s grand prize is a pound of marijuana.


In the last fight of his career, "Jeff Glover" beat "Georgi Karakhanyan" and posted on Instagram before the fight:

We agreed it would be in the spirit of things, to split the pound of weed 70/30.

"We ended up giving a half-pound and a custom rig to every person who won." Matt Staudt added.


The only major event that brings cannabis and jiu-jitsu together is "High Rollerz", the "Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu" has become the spearhead of all sports to welcome cannabis for its fighters. Do not forget to check "HIGH ROLLERS 3 – DEC. 7th & 8th / 2020". If "High Rollerz" welcomes cannabis for its fighters, why our governments do not welcome cannabis for us!

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