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Using Cannabis To Treat Opioid Addiction: Our Story

By @goldendawne on 11 Oct 2019.
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Almost a year ago, I had written a post about how opioids were controlling my husband with the addiction factor.

Ever since my husband had a neck and back surgery back in 2013, he has been taking percocet, Norco, Oxycontin- just to name a few. While he is no longer in pain, he is suffering from the addiction and the withdrawals of not having the drugs in his system.

He sees a pain management doctor (who in my mind is more of a drug dealer than a medical professional), and has been asking his doctor every few months to lower his dosage of these pain killers. Which the doctor does, but it seems as though my husband has to practically beg the doctor to do so.

For me.. this doctor is drug pusher; after all, without people like my husband (who is addicted to the active ingredients of the above mentioned opioids), this doctor and others like him would be out of a job.

In 2016, more than 11.5 million Americans ages 12 and older reported misuse of prescription opioids in the past year, and nearly 950,000 Americans reported heroin use in the past year My husband is a statistic in that number. He is one of the 11.5-million Americans who are addicted to prescribed opioids. It started years ago when he was suffering from bulging discs in his back and herniated issues along his spine near his neck. He has degenerative issues as well. thanks to his career and being subjected to standing on his feet for a minimum if ten hours a day for three decades


He wants to be off these medications 100%!

And since his so-called doctor isn’t assisting in this goal, my husband decided to start his own downward easing off of the meds.

For the last few weeks, he has cut back on HALF of his prescribed dosages. In its place he has been eating my edibles, using cannabis tincture and hitting on my vape with THC.

Every morning he counts out his allotted pills for the day and puts them in a little pill box; which he takes to work. Normally… he takes four 7.50/325-mg of Percocet and two 10-mg of Oxycontin PER DAY! Yes, you read that correctly… PER DAY!

And believe it or not… this is the lowest doses of the pills he has taken in the last six years.

These pills are slowly killing him; mentally, emotionally and physically. You may remember back in late April of this year, he suffered a heart attack.

Granted there were other factors contributing to his condition (heart), but I know the medications were adding to it.

So back to the pill count. Every week he would consume 28 Percocet and 14 Oxycontin.

For the last week… he has only consumed 14 Percocet and 10 Oxycontin. Which to me is still WAY TOO MANY! But for him… it is nothing compared to the larger/normal amount.

He does have to do a random drug piss test twice a year and he has already tested faint for THC back in June. I know, according to state law here, if he tests positive, even if only faint, three times, the doctor will cut off his meds completely.

But… he is feeling so much better! He has more energy without all that opioid in his system. We have started walking every day (weather pending) after dinner. He has been helping me with bigger projects around the homestead.And he has been in a much better mood.

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