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Two Green Poison - (Bud Update)

By @indaymers on 31 Aug 2019.
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Green Poison Strain

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Hey Smokers!

The two Green Poison (from seeds) are really doing great, I can´t believe myself that they have become better on growth than the three clones I got from the Grow Shop. It has been two weeks since my last update… if interested, you can read that last update here and compare.

cover 1.jpg

It´s Saturday and I want to take it slower on the household chores, but then, I noticed this morning the buds are becoming huge each day, so I decided to take these images for the record because I still have two seeds from the pack I got from Granada. It´s for sure that I will be planting the two based on the positive experience growing them this season.


The Pistils At The Moment

What made me curious is how the pistils are growing atm… it´s like exploding with buds to be. It is only now that I realized that even in the lowest part of the trunk nearing the soil, the pistils keep on developing and showing. It could only mean that the weeds get the proper care, feed, water and temps .

![cover 3.jpg](https://img.smoke.io/img0/indaymers/eda9cfc41718dbe357908595837a3ee50205f1e2.jpeg)

Super Hot Terrace

I am growing in containers and placed them in my super hot terrace. The reason why, I made this area into a container garden is because you won´t be able to stand the heat. All my summer veggies are grown here. And besides, the slugs won´t be able to climb up so high… I am just wondering if the slugs like to eat the cannabis leaves? Would you know such story?

![cover 5.jpg](https://img.smoke.io/img0/indaymers/df4040bc77afed3ae4febe83568725001c826eae.jpeg)


The trichomes are also in abundance where pistils developed. I hope that would be a good sign that the buds are potent and has high THC content.

So, these are my latest images on my girls. I am sure if the weather continues like this, I will be harvesting soon… I am thinking about last week of Sept. So please stay tuned and watch for the latest update on this strain. Thanks for popping-in!

In the meantime…keep on puffin´ for a high!!!

![cover smoke.io.jpg](https://img.smoke.io/img0/indaymers/1661ad179765de6d3066b81065d1f1714eab33e1.jpeg)
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