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Tuesday's strain: Wedding Crasher

By @hd420 on 30 Oct 2019.
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PSX_20191029_210810.jpg PSX_20191029_210235.jpg PSX_20191029_210148.jpg Overall Wedding Crasher from Revolution is a heavenly cross between Wedding Cake and Purple Punch. At $55 an eighth from my verilife dispensary in Illinois this sweet is surely a treat. Bringing a smile to my face with just looks alone, this promises to be a great flower. ThcA comes in at a healthy, as one might guess by the coating of crystals, 24.49%. Her pleasant taste and sweet aroma are are a wonderful dessert for any time. Her ability to achieve a sense of peace and happiness are simply amazing. Incredibly pleased with this strain and will absolutely keep my eye out for more in the future! PSX_20191029_210632.jpg PSX_20191029_211057.jpg PSX_20191029_210048.jpg PSX_20191029_210457.jpg Looks Sparkling like a diamond encrusted bride on her wedding day, this beautiful lady exudes an heir of royalty, prestige, and celebration. The light greens and peeking orange highlights are overpoweringly covered in vibrant, sparking thc crystals. Their white hue adds another dimension to this classy ladyโ€™s dress. An utterly stunning bride, photogenic from every angle. Tight, dense triangular colas would make for a beautiful piece if jewelry should any bride to be so desire. All in all a majestic specimen to behold. Glazed with resin she shines bright in the light. PSX_20191029_211139.jpg PSX_20191029_210717.jpgPSX_20191029_210405.jpg Smell The juicy sweet berry filled aromas from the freshly opened jar entrance my mind. Creamy, almost thick, and sweet notes lead me to reminisce of wonderful desserts such as blackberry cheesecake or a creamy blueberry mousse. A calming effect sets in. The scent alone brings a joyous grin to my face. Tingling my taste buds and drawing me closer for another deep smell. Such an angelic perfume to titillate the senses. PSX_20191029_210909.jpg Taste The delectable taste of dark berries fill my mouth as I inhale, followed by a creamy sweet taste on the exhale. Sheโ€™s a keeper, til death do us part. This would pair well with berries of any kind in a creamy dessert. Maybe just perfect for an after dinner smoke all on her own. This is positively a treat to all the senses. CREAMY. BERRY. SWEET. AMAZING! PSX_20191029_211009.jpg High I would say two or three tokes into my bowl, basically after I had gotten over reveling in the succulent taste, I realized I was a bit more spacey as I caught myself stare blankly at the rug on the ground. Maybe I was just subconsciously realizing how peacefully sublime my body had become. A true hybrid this lady, a bit of body and mind. Upon finishing my peace pipe I got myself comfortable and enjoyed my relaxing, for this strain very well may have to be one of my favorites. She can heal, calm and relax, all while tasting mighty fine. The best of both worlds! PSX_20191029_210546.jpg PSX_20191029_210321.jpg Comments and constructive criticism welcomed, Iโ€™m still learning and have a long way to go. Thank you all! ๐Ÿ˜

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