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TRYING SOMETHING NEW—posting my weed workouts

By @potspoon on 15 Oct 2019.
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One of the most pivotal moments of my life was when I was reintroduced to pot after many years abstinent from all drugs/alcohol, or mind altering substances.

Reconceptualizing myself as a pot smoker was a difficult time emotionally for a variety of reason. I was trapped between feeling guilty for enjoying weed so much and fear that what I had adopted as the crux of my existence for the past 6+ years (AAs spiritual principles) would prove true and I would inevitably end up in a self destructive cycle of addiction once again.

Simple solutions for complicated people.

Luckily I clung to pro social behaviors that kept me out of trouble and I soon realized weed only enhanced my experiences.

walks. yoga. weight lifting.

Before I knew it I was maintaining a consistent level of physical activity like I’d never been able to before, and I knew it was directly related to my pot use.

Practicing daily mindfulness, I observed my behavioral and emotional patterns and made purposeful adjustments. MOST IMPORTANTLY setting boundaries for myself. I wasn’t who I once was after all.

Setting simple rules for myself, it was in a little over a year that my life had transformed.

  1. I lost over 80 pounds
  2. I maintain a frequent (3-5 days/week) workout schedule
  3. Using weed in my food has allowed for dose control & habit monitoring trends, as well as increasing my motivation for finding nutritional options.

Medical cannabis gave me a minimally harmful pain management option for my chronic pain condition that was causing a cycle of weight gain, increases symptoms of medical condition, & depression. This option came after PT, surgeries, and anti-depressants (mood stabilizers, SSRIs, NDRIs) that I did not respond as well too.

The final piece to my puzzle was opening up about it. This site has been an unimaginable source of information to where I truly have found answers to questions I didn’t even know I needed to ask yet.

In closing, working out at home to avoid social anxiety situations has become “MY TIME”. RIPS & REPS. Weed & Weights. Pot & Pecks. Bongs & Bootys…

“MACRODOSING” before and during (when at home) workouts has gotten me real results in changing my body but, more importantly, increasing the flexibility in my knees.

My weakest muscles are my quads and hamstrings…smoking weed quite simply, give me an option to take my health into my own hands.

Here’s last tonight’s workout:




4x20 laying hamstring curls


4x20 supermans


4x20 laying front to back toe taps


4x20 single leg GLUTE bridge


4x20 GLUTE bridge with 3 pulses out & 3 sec hold on last pulse




4x20 single leg plank crunch to spiderman


KEEP BACK FLAT. Paper plate works great as slider.


4x20 clams


4x20 side plank hip lifts



Almost done…


4x20 quad focused squats


4x20 dumbbell deadlifts


4x20 T.U.T sumo squat into sumo goodmornings


Slow getting low, then hinge those hips!



4x20 star pose leg lifts


reverse planks as long as you can

(Repeat 2-3 times)


feedback always welcome