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TRUFFLE BUTTER 70/30 indica dominant with RAW Classic Papers - Relaxed and Cushioned Euphoric Buzz

By @jackdub on 17 Oct 2019.
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Rolled up a late afternoon smoke with Truffle Butter buds and RAW Classic Unbleached Papers. Calm and ephoric buzz - solid cushion, smooth relaxation with good appetite. Sweet caramel coffee nutty fruity light pine spice flavor.

TRUFFLE BUTTER indica dominant

The Truffle Butter 70/30 indica dominant strain was created with the crossing of the Gelato and Chocolate Kush strains (Source). These Truffle Butter buds have a smooth 23% THC.

fullnugfrontbeauty.jpg fullnugfrontnugsy.jpg

Truffle Butter Looks

The Truffle Butter buds have vibrant multi-color purple and greens with orange, yellow, and green looking pistils, and a thick coating of resinous white trichomes - the dry and compact buds easily break apart.

fullnugtop.jpg fullnugend2beauty.jpg

Truffle Butter Scent

The Truffle Butter buds have a sweet buttery caramel coffee and fruity scent to them.

fullnugtopbeautyCOVer.jpg fullnugtopCover2.jpg

Truffle Butter Effects (Source)

Effects - Body High, Hungry, Relaxing, Sleepy. May Relieve - Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Headaches, Insomnia, Stress.


RAW Classic Rolling Papers

Rolled up the Truffle Butter buds with RAW Classic natural unbleached papers - they have a natural light brown tint to them. Decently thin papers with a weight of 13 g/m² - they burn slow and smooth.

fullnugtoppack.jpg splitnugstop.jpg

Truffle Butter grindage

grinderpacked.jpg grindagecloseup.jpg


grindagertollready.jpg rolledupwide.jpg


rolledupsparkready304.jpg https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmcTXRSHCHqJLbUTEmw8Akav91NvS7VwW8ZrtEkYyyhXTs/spark_GIF.gif

Truffle Butter flavor

4:50PM was the First Toke… Sweet nutty coffee caramel fruity pine flavor with a light spice on the tail end - mouth and lips numbed from the terpenes, smooth caramel aftertaste. Cheeks, brow, and forehead numbing, scalp tingling lightly - mind relaxed, cushioned, and cheerful. Euphoria gently flowing up from the solar plexus, chest cushioned and buzzing lightly. Eye lids lightly relaxed, sly perma-grin. Calm and cheerful buzz, smooth.

microsplittoplilbeauty.jpg microsplittopbeautys.jpg

Truffle Butter effects

5 Minutes After First Toke, Second Toke… Sweet caramel coffee nutty and light fruity flavor with a light pine spice on the tail end - mouth tingling tasty. Cheeks, mouth, and lips buzzing lightly - mind calm, relaxed, cheerful, and cushioned. Solid body cushion with a smooth euphoric buzz. Eye lids relaxed and slightly puffy, scalp tingling, sly perma-grin with a touch euphoric energy.

microsplitpurppistilshinebeauty.jpg microsplittopnugbeauty.jpg

15 Minutes After First Toke…

Third Toke… Sweet caramel coffee nutty fruity light pine spice flavor - smooth. Mind lightly stoned with a mind tingling touch of euphoric energy - cushioned. Body cushioned, relaxed, and buzzing.

microsplittopshinesbeauty.jpg microsplittopistilbeauty.jpg

Calm and cheerful buzz with a thick blanket solid cushion. Face numbed, eye lids lightly relaxed and slightly puffy, good mind focus, cheerful perma-grin - touch of euphoric energy with this mind and body buzz.

microsplittoppistilshine.jpg microsplitdoublepods.jpg

20 Minutes After First Toke…

Fourth Toke… Sweet caramel coffee nutty and fruity light pine spice flavor. Mouth, face, and scalp numbed and tingling - well cushioned and euphoric with a touch of energy, mind and body buzz.

microsplittopPURP292.jpg https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/450093207657906196/634187859477135390/20191016_203314.gif

3 Hours After First Toke…

Calm and cheerful buzz from the Truffle Butter tokes - thick blanket solid cushion, smooth relaxation with good appetite. Sweet caramel coffee nutty fruity light pine spice flavor. I’d smoke these Truffle Butter buds for a relaxed and well cushioned morning, afternoon, or evening.

Have a great day!

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