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Travel Guru & High Place

By @lordoftruth on 13 Oct 2019.
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The “Travel Guru”, the member of the Democratic Party has been a board member of “NORML” for 15 years, and has been involved in the discussion for probably 20 years. He’ve been able to talk aboutMarijuana because he can’t be fired and he doesn’t need to be elected, and he has got a little bit of celebrity.


He spent years establishing himself as a trusted guide for Americans traveling abroad through a series of books called “Europe Through The Back Door” and his long-running public broadcast television show, “Rick Steves’ Europe”. The time he spent traveling through Europe revealed to “travel writer” that the American approach to drug enforcement is severely flawed. In his book “Travel As A Political Act”, he wrote:

I've traveled with an appetite for learning why Europe has fewer drug-related deaths, less drug-related incarceration, and less drug consumption per capita than we do here in America.

The Travel Guru, “The Sean Parker For Legalization In Maine” just believes the whole thing / prohibition / is based on lies, and it’s racist, it’s denying civil liberties, it’s nonproductive and fuels a big black market that empowers gangs and organized crime.

As a travel writer, he is particularly interested in defending the right that we have to go places, the reason why he wrote “High is a place people should be allowed to visit” for the people who want enjoy marijuana and he has a bit of advice that could save consumers money and fight back againstCannabis capitalism, “Grow Your Own”, he said :

I don’t want marijuana to go the route of tobacco and have Joe Camel and Big Tobacco and Big Marijuana. If there’s money to be made, it’s going to attract big corporate interests and they’re going to have the clout. I like the idea of having home grow because it gives people an option to having to buy something from a giant organization. They can just have a few plants on the window sill, and it’s not a big deal.

He is a vocal proponent of legalizing cannabis and an active supporter of efforts to reform cannabis policy in the U.S. He was one of the most important voices behind I-502, the initiative that legalized marijuana in Washington. He hosted an ACLU-sponsored educational program called “Marijuana: It’s Time for a Conversation”, which was nominated for an Emmy.

**Marijuana: It's Time for a Conversation**

The Travel Guru / Rick Steves

**Rick Steves** (Born May 10, 1955), the travel writer, author, activist and television personality was born and raised in Seattle, he spent most of his adult life traveling the world, writing a series of travel guidebooks, hosting a travel show and ruining some of Europe's most treasured cities with hordes of Americans following his advice.

He attended the “University of Washington”, majoring in European history and business administration, graduating in 1978. He spends about a third of every year in Europe researching guidebooks and filming TV shows. His home is still in Edmonds, Washington, where he has lived since 1967.

His travel philosophy encourages people to explore less-touristed areas of destinations and to become immersed in the local people’s way of life. His company released a mobile phone application in 2010 called “Rick Steves’ Audio Europe” containing self-guided walking tours and geographical information.

Steves, the active Lutheran has written and hosted educational videos on subjects such as Martin Luther and the European Reformation, he supports liberation theology, and he has spoken at the Lutheran Peace Fellowship.


High Is A Place

He is motivated by civil liberties for responsible adult users and for him, high is a place. Sometimes he wants to go there, but there's no good reason for his government to tell him, he can't go to that place called**High**.

He believes the mature, adult, recreational use of marijuana is a civil liberty, and there are plenty of reasons to support the end of the war on marijuana, like the fiscal side and the value of marijuana as medicine, he said:

I advocate for the civil liberty of smoking pot, I’m driven by civil liberties … and you have to be committed to civil liberties if we’re going to enjoy the freedoms we often take for granted.

For the travel writer and PBS show host Rick Steves, legalizing weed is about more than getting high, he has pushed for legalization for decades. He was one of the most important voices, encouraging voters to support I-502, the country’s first law, along with Colorado’s, to legalize adult-use cannabis at the state level.

Later he showed up in Massachusetts, which would go on to pass its own adult-use measure. He and Earl Blumenauer teamed up in 2014 for a marijuanaLegalization fight in the congressman’s home state of Oregon.

He told the crowd that he’s noticed a disconnect between the cannabis conversation on the East Coast and what he’s used to where he’s from, in Washington state. In Massachusetts, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, Gov. Charlie Baker, House Speaker Robert DeLeo, and Attorney General Maura Healey have been vocal opponents of legalization.

They’ve argued that cannabis is a “Gateway Drug” and have warned that legalization would increase teen use of cannabis and could worsen the state’s opioid epidemic. None of those claims is supported by available evidence, and some are directly refuted by it.

Your legislators don’t have the courage to learn about [cannabis],” Steves told the crowd, motioning to the golden dome of the Massachusetts State House, situated within eyeshot of the venue.

Every few years, he embarks on what he calls a “Barnstorming Tour” traveling through the country to advocate for what he calls a “Pragmatic” approach toCannabis.

**Rick Steves' Barnstorming Tour**
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