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Todays Weed News For September 5th 2019 #PAINRELIEF

By @kiefpreston on 7 Sep 2019.
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For today’s weed news we go to the great state of New Mexico.

As restrictions on studying cannabis in terms of its medical uses, benefits and side effects continue to ease up, researchers at the University of New Mexico just announced the findings of one of their latest studies pertaining to cannabis and chronic pain relief.

Apparently, around one-fifth of all American adults currently suffer from chronic pain and the monetary cost of dealing with this problem is more than that of heart disease as well as all types of cancers put together! That’s fucking crazy.

However, according to Jacob Vigil, one of the main researchers of the above-mentioned study from the University of New Mexico “Our country has been flooded with an over-prescription of opioid medications, which then often leads to non-prescription opioid and heroin use for many people. This man-made disaster is killing our families and friends regardless of socioeconomic status, skin tone, and other superficial human differences.”

Specifically ,the UNM examined chronic pain in adult participants on a scale from 0 to 10. After beimg treated using various combinations of THC and CBD containing strains and cannabis products, participants reported an average three-point decrease in there level of chronic pain!

That’s pretty fucking amazing. If you think about going from pain level of a 9 where you can barely make it through the day, down to something like a 6, is definitely enough of a difference to significantly improve one’s quality of life on a daily basis. At least in my opinion.

Apart from adding that using cannabis for pain had “very minimal negative side effects for most people,” Lead Researcher Jacob Vigil also said that their study’s ”… results confirm that cannabis use is a relatively safe and effective medication for alleviating pain, and that is the most important message to learn from our results. It can only benefit the public for people to be able to responsibly weigh the true risks and benefits of their pain medication choices, and when given this opportunity, I’ve seen numerous chronic pain patients substitute away from opioid use, among many other classes of medications, in favor of medical cannabis.”

As far as what type of cannabis product work best, the University of New Mexico study found that dried flower with high THC levels worked best as an analgesic, but CBD combined with THC gave those in pain the most soothing relief.

I love the fact that there are so many studies about cannabis popping up every week. And I think most sane people would agree that the vast majority of the studies are conclude a cannabis is a very versatile plant when it comes to medical applications, and that it’s negative effects on humans are rather minimal.

Shoutouts to Jacob Vigil and his research team as well as the University of New Mexico for adding to the mounting pile of scientific evidence that proves that Cannabis is no devil weed, but actually an insanely versatile medicinal plant that can help millions of us live better, fuller lives.

And that’s what’s up in New Mexico.

source bit.ly/2k9MMF8

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