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Todays Weed News For September 4th 2019 #BARBADOS

By @kiefpreston on 7 Sep 2019.
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For today’s weed news we go to the great nation of Barbados.

As North America, Europe and South America continue making huge progress towards relaxing their cannabis laws, so is the picturesque Caribbean.

As a matter of fact, Antigua and Barbuda, Jamaica, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines have all already legalized medical cannabis.

Well now it seems like Barbados is heading in exactly that direction. And that is because earlier this year the Barbados’ House of Assembly introduced a bill that would essentially legalize MMJ if it ends up becoming law.

One unique thing that Barbados is trying to push through along with its MMJ plans, is having their Ministry of Agriculture require that any cannabis companies from outside of the country will have to let 30% of their business be owned by a native Barbados entity. That way, they can ensure that their citizens well get more employment positions and benefits from the newly-introduced industry.

Another really cool thing that Barbados’ government has been doing is consulting with the Rastafarian community as to what the best way to establish an MMJ program in their country would be. They have even already set aside 60 Acres of land for Barbadian Rastafarians to grow their own meds on!

So even though the government’s made it pretty clear that they are not looking at any kind of recreational legalization at this time, in my opinion, Barbados is getting ready to join the MMJ club and is going about it the right way. Who better to ask for guidance on how to do weed right then Rastafarians, and making sure that all cannabis businesses are at least partially owned by people from Barbados is definitely a smart way to approach things.

I wonder how they’re going to treat tourists from let’s say, the States who have MMJ cards once medical becomes legal in Barbados? I guess that remains to be seen.

But for now, that’s what’s up in Barbados!

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