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Todays Weed News For July 18th 2019 #JEANS

By @kiefpreston on 21 Jul 2019.
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For today’s weed news we go to the great state of California.

Lately, the cannabis industry has seen more and more innovative companies popping up, turning cannabis or hemp into all sorts of different things. Many of them are even growing their own crops. And now, a California-based creative duo has started growing trees in order to turn them into jeans!

That’s right, a company by the name of Alkhemist out of Los Angeles has announced that after years of research and trial and error they have finally perfected the formula for their hemp-based fabric and are ready to begin their growing operation.

“Incorporating hemp fabrics into our product line has been a multi-year research and development process… The challenge with hemp has been getting a final product that meets our exact standards for fit, comfort, style and durability. But our engineering and design process has paid off. We found the right blend of hemp and other fibers to create velvety soft, breathable jeans, cargo pants and Bermuda shorts that are perfect for any occasion and better for the planet,” said James Chung, one of the company’s founders during a recent interview with the Sourcing Journal.

At this point, the company is focusing on their female apparel line, but have already signaled that they plan to also offer jeans for men in the near future.

As far as pricing goes, Alkhemist brand jeans will cost anywhere from $160 to over $300.

I feel like this is a pretty damn good idea. I know that hemp has been used to make the strongest of ropes, concrete substitutes like hempcrete, canvas, sales for ships, and many other items, mainly due to the amazing durability that hemp fibers provide. Now that hemp and cannabis are starting to be allowed again, why not make some super durable jeans out of that shit too.

I think that in the future, there’s going to be a lot of people wearing hemp clothing since it’s better for the environment than regular jeans, as long as it ends up being comfortable (and stylish).

But for now, that’s what’s up in California!

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