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Todays Weed News For August 28th 2019 #OKLAHOMA

By @kiefpreston on 30 Aug 2019.
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For today’s weed news we go to the great Sooner State.

MMJ patients in the great state of Oklahoma have some things to get excited about this week.

That is because as of Friday, 30th of August 2019, HB 2612 will go into effect! And why is that important Kief Preston?

It is important because the house bill explicitly states that MMJ patients registered in the state cannot be discriminated against or denied access to guns, most types of employment as well as public assistance like welfare or public housing!

“No employer may refuse to hire, discipline, discharge or otherwise penalize an applicant or employee solely on the basis of a positive test for marijuana components or metabolites,” read part of the bill.

Sounds like music to my ears.

As a matter of fact, according to NORML, the Sooner State will become the 15th state in the Union to extend such anti-discrimination protections for its marijuana patients in the workplace.

In addition, as of Friday the 30th, podiatrists in the state will also have the power to write MMJ recommendations for patients.

Furthermore, House Bill 2612 also has a clause which will prevent any local governments in Oklahoma from “…enacting guidelines which restrict or interfere with the rights of a licensed patient or caregiver to possess, purchase, cultivate or transport medical marijuana.”

On paper all of this sounds absolutely amazing if you ask me. Not long ago, the word marijuana struck fear in the minds of most Oklahoma residents. Now it seems like after this Friday, being an MMJ patient in this Sooner State may actually give one more anti-discriminatory protections then half of all the other medical cannabis States out there.

And that’s something that you guys should be fucking proud of Oklahoma. As a matter of fact, let me personally extend a big shoutout to everybody in Oklahoma who ever took any type of action to help your guys’ cannabis situation move forward. Take a look at how much y’all have already achieved.

Yeah I know you guys don’t have recreational weed on store shelves just yet, but I feel like if you guys smoke a couple medical joints and chill for a year or so, that shit will be there available for y’all soon enough.

But anyway, for now, that’s what’s up in the great state of Oklahoma!

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