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Tips & Tricks To Enhance Your Cannabis Images For Your Smoke Blog

By @indaymers on 3 Oct 2019.
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Hola Stoners!

Oh my bad… I did this error once again and erroneously hit the post button! Must be my eyes. Please stand by as I write the body of this post.

Today, I ´m sharing the tools including tips on how I enhance my images I post here on the smoke network. There are a lot of ways to do it and I use attachments to my camera in order to zoom the images.

First… I have a set of macro attachments that I put on the lens at the back of the phone and as you can see on the photo, it zooms my weed so that even the tiny crystals on the leaves that look like sugar dusts are shown here. Somertimes these powder dusts are not easily seen by naked eyes.


When I shoot using the macro atachment of the phone, I use the camera timer so that the camera is not moved when I press the shoot button. With the timer, you will have enough time to remove your finger from the shutter and let the timer do the shooting. If you do it live, a small camera shaking is fatal to your images as they will become blurred. Two seconds to time the shutter is enough to get that clear picture.

foto tips 1.jpg

If the subject is small like in my example here, I use a studio box, the one that Etsy and Ebay dealers/sellers use to shoot their products for presentation. I got mine from Amazon… the prizes vary according to the sizes of the box. It is easy to assemble and it comes with various background papers like white, black, blue and green. The box has a set of LED lights that really is good to avoid shadows of the subject to be photographed. As for the prices, it starts at around 30 Euros.

Attached To The Phone

Here, I prefer to use my old smartphone because it has better color hues than my 2nd phone. Though it fell down many times as seen at the broken sides, it is robust and still takes lovely images.

photo tips 3.jpg

I also use a tripod for smartphone and which came as part of a set of my 2nd macro lens. It is better to use a phone tripod and again, it stabilizes the camera and will give you sharp pictures. My hands are always shaking so this tool is excellent!


Use whatever utensils you have so that the subject would stand straight… I often use clothespins below or small boxes for support, they won´t be seen anyway.


Another gear I use is a DSLR camera , although this camera has a macro within the system, I still use macro lens attachments to zoom my images… But, this method is time consuming, besides I always have to set up the tripod to stabilize the camera. Whenever I use this, I also attach a cable shutter below so that I don´t need to push the shutter manually…and again, purpose of this cable is not to shake the camera, otherwise a blurry picture comes out when you have shaky hands like mine.


I know some of you are using this…It is a cool device as you can zoom your nugs up to thousand times its original size. It has a usb cable so that transfer of images to your computer is easy peasy. I got this half a year ago but I ´haven´t used this tbh. I am just too lazy at the moment to download the software.


Just to mention my difficulties in posting, I had an accident while gardening about two weeks ago… I was about to keep the aluminum ladder in the cellar and one part was not secured, it fell down on to my face and hit my right eye causing impairment of the eyeball. I am seeing a specialist though with a daily check-up and gave me a therapeutic contact lens to cure the swollen eyeball… I feel better now although my sight is still blurry… I apologize for today´s posting mishap.

But, life has to move on… so lets keep puffin´ for a high!

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