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The Real Drug Czar & Pot Laws / 420 & 215

By @lordoftruth on 10 Oct 2019.
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Not many people can call themselves the spear to the heart of the “War on Drugs”, but “The Real Drug Czar” , the founder of the Drug Policy Alliance, has that distinction. He’s spoken about the issue of drug reform on both left and right-leaning platforms, driving home the non-partisan nature of his approach to changing public and political opinion about how the United States approaches illegal drugs.

He grew up in the suburbs of New York City, but the first time he smokedWeed was in 1975 in the old student ghetto at McGill University in Montreal, where he spent the first two years of his college life, he’s been an occasional cannabis consumer ever since.

For the “Founder of the Drug Policy Alliance”, described by Rolling Stone magazine as “The Real Drug Czar” for drug policy reform, who believes his experience is true for many, the weed is a source of pleasure and the edibles are deeply pleasing, he said:

While there may have been moments when it made me dumber, I think (there were) other moments when it made me smarter, and helped me enjoy life.
The Real Drug Czar / Ethan Nadelmann

He is Ethan A. Nadelmann (Born March 13, 1957), the mastermind behind the biggest changes to drug policy in US history, the founder of the Drug Policy Alliance, the driving force for the legalization of marijuana in America.

A “Harvard PhD” and the son of a rabbi, who founded the groundbreaking DPA ( A New York City-based non-profit organization working to end the War on Drugs) in 1994 and was a lead architect behind 30 years of reform to include California’s historic Prop 47 referendum, which in 2014 reduced drug possession for personal use to a misdemeanor.

He didn’t want the movement to make the same mistake today as in the 1970s, just assuming that public attitudes would favor cannabis legalization forever and simply waiting for the presumed inevitable. Instead, he pushed for ballot initiatives, literally letting the public decide for themselves to makeCannabis legal state by state.

Despite his influence, he’s a controversial figure with some disagreeing with his more conservative views about marijuana usage and the specific conditions of its legal nature. Even so, it’s hard to ignore his contribution to updating the state-by-state legal perspective of cannabis in the 21st century.

Nadelmann & Pot Law - 215

EveryStoner knows the number 420, but if stoners were true students of history, the number 215 would be the most famous three digits in the world of weed. That’s because a successful California voter initiative called Proposition 215 was the first major chip in the wall against pot prohibition.

When California’s voters approved Proposition 215 in 1996, the state became the first in the country to legalize medicalMarijuana. Voters there gave pot patients and caregivers the right under state law to cultivate and possess pot if they could prove a doctor recommended pot as a treatment.

Without George Soros’s money, it probably would have never happened. Proposition 215 needed about 700,000 signatures to get on the ballot. But by December of 1995, with the deadline approaching, the initiative’s creator, “Dennis Peron”, had collected only about 25,000 signatures. That’s when “Ed Rosenthal”, a longtime marijuana grower and activist, called Nadelmann and asked if he could persuade Soros to help out.

Eventually, Nadelmann convinced “George Soros” to contribute $500,000, and over the ensuing three decades, he used George Soros’s cash to coordinate nationwide drug-reform initiatives and build a network of wealthy pro-pot donors to fight for Pot Reform. Those donors included :

The three billionaires who formed the core of Nadelmann’s funding network (Soros, Sperling, and Lewis) spent more than $70 million onPot reform over the next 20 years, according to a 2017 report from “National Families in Action”, and Nadelmann delivered a 20-year string of pot-reform victories that have pushed the United States to the precipice of full legalization.

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