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The Prince Of Pot

By @lordoftruth on 30 Sep 2019.
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Before the bud, “The Prince of Pot” was known to officials as the owner of independent bookstore “City Lights Bookshop” in the early days, who regularly stood up against anything he disagreed with personally, regardless of the effort and personal risk involved.

With time, his influence was growing with the creation of “Cannabis Culture Magazine” and the launch of the marijuana-related channel “Pot-TV” — which had guests as high profile as then-leader of the NDP, the late Jack Layton.

Despite the remarkably less contentious act of selling books than his #Cannabis Culture merchandise, “The Prince of Pot” still managed to defy law enforcement and become known for it.


The Prince Of Pot

He is the Canadian businessman, the cannabis rights activist, the entrepreneur and the politician “Marc Scott Emery”, who owned and operated Cannabis Culture Magazine, Pot-TV, the “British Columbia Marijuana Party”, and “Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture Headquarters” and has been jailed several times for his cannabis activism.

Born in London, Ont., in 1958, and lived there until his mid-30s before moving to B.C. as an established #Pot advocate, he has been a notable advocate of international cannabis policy reform, and has been active in multiple Canadian political parties at the provincial and federal levels.

He is the estranged spouse of fellow activist “Jodie Emery” with whom he operated Cannabis Culture magazine and Pot TV, he was also the world’s most famous marijuana seed retailer and the biggest financial supporter of the #Marijuana movement world-wide.

Until the business was raided by police, the couple were co-owners of Cannabis Culture, a business that franchised pot dispensaries. Crown prosecutors later deemed the business to be illegal due to obtaining cannabis from illegal sources.


He was taking on provincial, federal, and later, international marijuana laws, many times his store “Hemp BC” was raided by authority and was given fines of a few thousand dollars each time, and finally his licence for “Hemp BC” was canceled in 1998 by the city of Vancouver.

Long before marijuana legalization was a glint in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s eye, Emery lobbied to change Canada’s laws, such as one prohibiting the sale or promotion of pipes, bongs and pot-related items.

He took his crusade to politics, becoming a founding member of the Marijuana Party of Canada in 2000, and unsuccessfully running for various seats in the House of Commons and British Columbia.

In 2005, he ran a business selling marijuana seeds and paraphernalia. American authorities with Canadian law enforcement saw him as “drug dealer,” and charged him with drug and money laundering offences. He pleaded guilty to one charge, served almost five years in the U.S. and emerged as defiant as ever.

In 2016, he brought his advocacy to Montreal where six Cannabis Culture locations opened despite laws against the sale of recreational marijuana, he was arrested by Montreal police and later released after posting a $5,000 bond.

"Prince of Pot" On Looming Legalization !

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