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The Pinnacle Of Success - A Personal P.B.R / Professional Blunt Roller

By @lordoftruth on 19 Oct 2019.
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Snoop Dogg’s love for #Weed is well known, but it turns out that the rapper’s vice of choice creates jobs! “Snoop Dogg” divulged on the “Howard Stern Show” that he employs a full-time P.B.R / “Professional Blunt Roller” to always be ready with more perfectly rolled weed. He is very pleased with his professional blunt roller on his staff, that keep him in green, the star said

I don't have time. The motherf**ker rolls them. This is his JOB, that's just what he does. In his resume he says that he is a P.B.R - professional blunt roller.

#Funny how that’s suddenly a dream job everyone wants, and only one person has, for now. The P.B.R get paid $50,000 a year to roll blunts for Snoop Dogg and that’s probably not including the perks!


Imagine having that job making 50k a year to roll blunts, travel the world on rap tours with Snoop Dogg and his crew for free. Oh yeah, all the best #Marijuana on Earth for free as well.

50K a year, all expenses paid world travel and hang out with #Snoop? Only Snoop would hire a person like this. Does Snoop Dogg’s #Blunt roller get to envoke rollers rights!

“Snoop” also said that his employee is still benefiting (with this job) from free marijuana, touring with Snoop and clothes the rapper receives from various companies.

Comedian Seth Rogen said

Honestly, the amount of time I spend rolling joints, it might be worth my while financially to hire someone to do that.

So, if you are a P.B.R try to contact “Seth Rogen” but do not forget “Blunt Rollers” aren’t a bespoke position created entirely for Snoop. Professional rollers exist and find ways to work for high-end smokers!

Snoop Dogg Hired a Full-Time Blunt Roller

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