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The Only Cure To CoronaVirus Is Cannabis 🀯 - #420FreeWrite Isolate

By @d00k13 on 24 Mar 2020.
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#420FreeWrite β€œIsolate”

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Work of Fiction

The news broke early this morning and nobody could believe what they were hearing. All that talk about smokers being at highest risk and never did anyone stipulate smokers of what! Hard drugs obviously being at highest risk with tobacco smokers a close second along with obesity but they tried to lump cannabis smokers in there with the tobacco. Sadly mistaken they were and no one was willing to believe it till things took a turn for the worst.

Just as we hear rumors of a complete lock-down soon to come and no businesses allowed to remain open the news broke about a "cure" for Coronavirus. Someone doing exactly the opposite of what they were instructed to do by doctors was the one to discover it! A stoner who did not even realize what he had discovered making joking posts on social media about it.... #Coronnabis

It went viral as so many people had the exact same experiences, some celebrities even who stated from the beginning only feeling a little tired once infected. People flooding to the streets trying to find any dispensaries with supply left and everyone required to practice "social distancing" we have started to see lineups out the door and into the next parking lot!

It's only a matter of time till supply runs out and the growers realize what they now have in their hands....

The Only Cure To CoronaVirus Is Cannabis 🀯

I bet all you pharmaceutical companies wished you had efficiently entered the cannabis isolate market now huh? LOL humanity saved by something you could never patent every time!

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