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The newbies

By @gallahad on 22 Sep 2019.
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So I cut some “clones” Kind of from the bottom of big mama and rooted them in solo cups1E23DF40-3020-4212-8702-9B804F8F41DE.jpeg4E68F09B-2B39-4F35-AB86-3A01191A055E.jpeg I think I cut the them way too late they had pistils coming out when I cut them but they took root so I put them under the little light 05560ED1-194E-4CB1-962F-365EE9EB5320.jpeg8C17C487-6E04-4029-807B-43D5C5566F5F.jpeg Got them under the red light FF4EB73F-9F56-4BAC-8823-095E2FB36E6C.jpeg3E80B844-BD49-49E8-B4ED-66D2F68A076D.jpegand the blue light 2AD4BD2B-67D1-4CCB-BD76-43CFACFA16E3.jpegB34C645E-DD83-428A-A0D2-A7D8360AF841.jpegI have had it under the purple spectrum the majority of the light cycle. I had it on 24 hours of light for the past 3 days i’m going to switch to a 20-4 light schedule. The weird part about those clones is they have buds started so we will see how they turn out. I have two seedlings also kind doing a mock clone and germination experiment.F1F59EEE-0FB5-465E-99B6-9E095AFAA7AB.jpeg5B899777-43CE-46C6-BC0C-C8AB0E39D0ED.jpeg before 72 hours under the light.7A62B21D-E2B9-4F42-BB90-D7F05D3211EC.jpeg57260825-5870-471F-AF78-AA6D4F3902A7.jpeg after 72 hours of light