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The #HotboxShow Ep 102 Ft. Chronicle

By @hotboxshow on 19 Sep 2019.
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Tonights show is another mixed bag of tops, mids and pips. Join the crew from 7pm live…

Poll: Is SA getting 420 friendlier?

  • Fo sho
  • Kinda
  • Nope

Guests and Ganja The Chronicle https://www.420friendlyspots.app https://www.facebook.com/420-Friendly-Spots-ZA-258029881581807/

CBDNN: South Africa’s Cannabis Privacy Judgement – One Year Later https://fieldsofgreenforall.org.za/south-africas-cannabis-privacy-judgement-one-year-later/

Growing with my buds: Germinating weed seeds Thanks to https://www.trophyseeds.com/ http://www.greensmokeroomseeds.com/ https://www.daggafontein.com/ https://sacredseeds.co.za/ https://thehighco.co.za/product-category/cannabis-seeds/

Sh1t or Lit?! Buddi Canna Friendly Pest Control https://www.facebook.com/buddispray/

Insta Your Gram


Support those who support legalisation https://fieldsofgreenforall.org.za/sa-affiliates/

Bongs n Blunts courtesy of The High Co https://thehighco.co.za/

Join us on our Facebook and YouTube chats from 7pm Thursdays, live and unpredictable for another packed and blazed couple of hours.

Video Playlist: http://bit.ly/HotBoxShow Video Live: http://bit.ly/HotboxShow_LIVE Audio PodCast: http://bit.ly/HotboxShow_Audio Spotify: http://bit.ly/Hotbox_Spotify

Insta: @hotboxshow.co.za hotboxpodcast420@gmail.com