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The Hash Queen & The Pollinator Machine

By @lordoftruth on 6 Oct 2019.
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Her best place is just where she is, she travelled a lot and apart from her passport and her toothbrush, she always brings on her travels everything to make a nice joint, she said:

The world was our home and we were ready to explore it!

She mainly likes to smokeHash, she dosen’t like to smoke flowers very much, this is because when she started to smoke in 1965 in Amsterdam there was only hash and then when she hitchhiked to India there was only hash.

She ran into someWeed when she came back to Amsterdam, as the city was filled with coffeeshops and they all had weed, but she didn’t like the effect or the taste so much!

She believes weed and hash it’s like beer and wine, both have more or less alcohol in them and more or less the same effect, it is like that with weed and hash, it’s just a matter of choice, it’s just what you prefer, but she prefers hash over weed, she said:

Why bother to smoke a lot of dead plant material when you just want what it’s all about. It’s the crystals that contain all the active ingredients not the green leaves. That’s ok to say but then of course I mix mine with a bit of tobacco so I’m still putting in dead plant matter.
Hash Queen / Mila Jansen

The author, the inventor and the actress Mila Jansen known for “The Whipping Cream Hero”(1967), born 1944 in Liverpool, UK. With her parents they moved around, Indonesia, Holland and back to the UK, but since she was 11 she moved to Holland.

She was twenty-one when she opened the “Kink 22”, It was never the first coffeeshop because she never sold anything, she just shared whatever hash might arrive from Turkey, Lebanon even from Afghanistan.

She decided to travel to India in 1968 and she ended up staying for fourteen years, a wonderful part of her life, she lived in Goa, Manali and Missoorie where her children went to Woodstock School.

She started a “Knitting Company” with local women and one of the most popular places to sell these chunky hand-knit sweaters was in California. Glittery beaded and sequined dresses from Delhi she sold mainly in New York, but finally her time in India was over and she went back to Amsterdam!

**The Hash Queen at Boston !**
The Green Industry & The Pollinator Machine

Being a gardener it was not difficult to get a job in the “Green Industry” in Holand, she started off by making clones and a year later she started her own eighteen lamp garden. In the end, with friends they had thirteen gardens in Amsterdam, but they lost 24000 plants 10 days before harvest.

The businesswoman, the traveller and the single mother, got very inventive on the possibilities of looking where she is and how she can turn that into something so she can earn some money for food and stuff.

She was suddenly inspired while doing her household chores by the way wet clothes tumbled inside the dryer, which was the same wayCannabis leaves used to be shaken over a sieve a and after a few tries, she invented the “Pollinator Machine”.

She founded “Pollinator Company” in 1994. With the invention and release of the Pollinator, a device to separate the crystals from leaf material, a new era began. It was the first mechanical process for separating trichomes from plant material ( a crucial aspect of preparing cannabis ) which became very successful and has been exported all over the world. She changed the cannabis industry forever, and earned the title “The Hash Queen”.

Jansen’s Autobiography / How I Became the Hash Queen ?

The “Hash Queen” smoked her first joint relatively late in life, she was already 20 years old and the mother of a daughter. It is not cannabis that is the theme of her life, but being on the move and being able to keep on moving.

In her Autobiography, she talks about her escape from Amsterdam to India when “Social Services” threatened to take away her daughter, owing to her drug-filled life.

After coming to India with no money, she gave birth to three more children, yet continued to manage as a single mother, putting her knack for fashion trends and her entrepreneurial skills to good use, she sentHashish in hollowed-out books to Europe and started a knitting cooperative in the Himalayas with 60 seamstresses. India is where her heart lies and she wants her children to scatter her ashes in the Himalayas one day.


She is the counter-cultural icon who revolutionized “Hash Production”, who has won many prizes for entrepreneurship, small business achievement and has been crowned “High Times Queen of Marijuana” three times, she is the owner of “Hemp Hotel” in Amsterdam, which is one of the smallest hotels in the city, she is “The Hash Queen”!

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