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The Green Prophet vs The Red Prophet / The End

By @lordoftruth on 21 Jan 2019.
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As you know, I strated few days ago, The Green Prophet Series:

The Green Prophet / Cannabis & Islam / Part I The Green Prophet / Islamic World & Hashish Usage / Part II The Green Prophet / Kif In Old Kingdom & Islam Medical Use / Part III

Today I come up with this post, to end this Series and to highlight the way, how one of Muslim Poets describe the Cannabis ( Hashish ) !



The Green Prophet vs The Red Prophet


Many Muslim Poets between 12th & 19th Centuries wrote about Cannabis, one of them was the Syrian poet, Al-Is-Irdi ( In the middle of the 13th century ), who praises the qualities of #Cannabis as compared to the wine:

Below, you can read & enjoy, what he wrote:

The secret of hashish lifts up the spirit In an ascent of disembodied thinking It is pure spirit. Free are its confines From worries. Only the elect may taste it

Hashish involves no sin. You are not punished

Their wine makes you forget all meanings Our herb Recalls the mysteries of godly beauty You can obtain the green stuff without haggling You do not need much gold and silver for it Tucked in a handkerchief it can be carried No cup is needed if you wish to use it You find yourself clean, virtuous and witty Bright too and free from all annoying dullness The body is not tired eliminating And vomiting like an inflated wine skin In times both good and bad you may enjoy it It is no hindrance to nights of devotion.


The End Of The Green Prophet Series !


References / Hashish Versus Medieval Muslim Society / Halal & Haram /

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