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The Final Stage of Growing .....Curing My Harvest - Green Poison

By @indaymers on 22 Sep 2019.
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Happy Sunday Smokers and Tokers!!!

Today, I came to the most interesting part of my cannabis processing, the curing of the buds! They are all dry enough and the curing begins now, I already gathered them in glass containers and will put them in the cellar in a darker area… I have to open close the lid for a specified time until they are ready to be consumed.


In the zoomed images of the nugs here, you will notice the rich trichomes all over. I didn´t throw the snipped sugar leaves… I saved them and they went into the edible Crispy Canna Sweeta I made the other day. Before finally putting the dried buds in the glass, I still snipped some leaves so it would look nicer here in the photos.


Curing The Buds

These buds have to be cured in the following couple of weeks or more to enhance the aroma as well as its flavor. Here´s more to describe why it is important to cure your cannabis harvest.

Curing will turn harsh buds into ones that offer a smooth and delicious smoke. This is because prolonged curing leads to the degradation of byproducts produced by the drying process, such as sugars. These molecules leave a particularly harsh and unpleasant taste in the mouth. Curing banishes these compounds, resulting in a buttery smooth smoke. Curing will also greatly enhance the shelf life of your harvest and further minimise cases of mould. If cured and stored correctly, your buds can last for a year or longer without any decline in taste or strength. Source : Royal Queen Seeds


I have no idea what the weight of all buds harvested, I only know that they are enought to cover some months of consumption. I am still waiting for the Amnesia Platinum and Bubble Gum to get harvested, I may still need a week tho … At any rate, some weeds and haschisch are still in my stash and there should be no shortage in the next months to come.

That's it for now, thanks for reading and wish you all a nice Sunday!
Keep puffin´ for a high!
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