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The By-Product of Harvesting Cannabis - Excess Sugar Leaves

By @indaymers on 29 Sep 2019.
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Hello Smokers!

The final weed in my grow lot had been harvested, but I still have one more strain (Bubble Gum) to post which I will draft today…Remember the Bubble Gum that had the mildew? More on that later.

For now, I am going to tackle about sugar leaf trimmings plus some small buds from the lower part of the weed plant that I saved while I prepared my buds for drying. As we know, there are various types of leaves…1. the fan leaves (bigger leaves) and 2. the sugar leaves (small in between the buds coated with trichomes.) Those caterpillars found in the buds, do not eat the sticky sugar leaves, they got so plenty of trichomes in them and are not popular for these beasts… so they attacked my buds leaving the flowers dried … But thank God, I inspected the buds earlier and detected them a couple of weeks ago since the same happened to the Green Poison strain. Don´t worry about the caterpillars found on the buds, I didn´t kill them…they were transferred to another plant.


Sugar Leaves Of Cannabis As By-product

They are those small leaves that are mosstly hidden in between the layers of the buds and have coats of sugar like substances called trichomes in between the flowers. Although less potent than the flowers, they can still be used for other purposes. I use mine for the edibles like brownies and other sweets. I have trimmed, dried these leaves then ground for a finer consistence. I use it for smoothies too since it´s a healthy addition to drinks because of its nutrients.

![amnesia 20.jpg](https://img.smoke.io/img0/indaymers/cf05e59fa7733d4afb5366be643a8f1707f534a4.jpeg)

Additives to My edibles - Powdered Sugar Leaves Of Cannabis

So… all the trims of sugar leaves gathered yesterday were dried in the oven for 10 minutes under 175 °C and ground them to a finer and smooth powder like consisitence.

From the bunch of leaves in the title image above, I was only able to make this amount below, but it is enough to make some edibles which will follow after the Bubble Gum strain post. I will be making a Canna Vanilla cookies adding this as ingredient, so stay tuned!


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