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The Bushes Files / Laura Bush A Pot Pusher - Drug Money Talks & Bush Family Walks

By @lordoftruth on 15 Dec 2019.
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While "Patricia Spottedcrow", the single mother, and the first-time offender, who got a 12-year for $31 of marijuana was jailed again for overdue court fees of $3,500, there are many well-known illicit #Pot users who have made it into important positions, proving that #Cannabis user in the "White House" is not going to guarantee an end to the WOD, a largely political war targetting subversive types in America.

Everyone is hiding their own consumption of #Weed, and that's just the way it should be; that's what comes out of those long nightly seessions in the "Bohemian Grove". Not one of the presidential administrations has adequately provided a solution to the enigma of #Psycho-Active chemical substances because the "US Government" fears that it would take only one drug that would unleash all others.

Yet this has been the case all along, "Alcohol & Cigarettes" are two drugs that come to terms with the fact that drugs heal. People take drugs to heal. Abstinence is not the answer; education is! "JFK & Jackie " had adminstered daily "Hot Shots". "Johnson" in later years smoked pot. "Pat Nixon" used painkillers. "Betty Ford" indulged in drugs to such extent that she was the brunt of criticism, especially in those early years of the drug war.

"Amy Carter" admitted that she smoked pot. "Nancy Reagan" was the queen of White House drug users. "Obama" is the second presidential candidate in US history to openly reveal drug usage. The former "White House" press secretary "Scott McClellan", revealed that the Bushes (George & Laura) smoked pot but no one really needed McClellan to spill the beans!

As "Kitty Kelly" suggested that first lady, "Laura Bush", have a history of illicit drug solicitation, "That No One Believed It", even when it was proven. It reminds us that everyone has had some exposure to drugs. It also reminds us that in a nation which has one of the worst healthcare systems, somehow people are finding ways to cope and survive.

000.jpg Laura Bush

Laura Bush A Pot Pusher

The first lady of the United States between January 20, 2001 & January 20, 2009, Laura Bush, was born "Laura Lane Welch" on 4 Nov 1946, in Midland.

She is the only child of "Harold Bruce Welch" (Real estate developer) and "Jenna Louise Hawkins Welch" (Bookkeeper for her husband's business). Early on, her parents encouraged her to read, leading to what would become her love of reading.

She graduated from Southern Methodist University in 1968 and had been known in her faculty days as a go-to lady for dime bags of #Marijuana, so she was no stranger to cannabis, she did not only smoke dope, but she sold it also.

In college, she was was the "House drug dealer of her dormitory, selling an assortment of illicit drugs on a routine basis", according to biographer, "Kitty Kelly". The question is Does she arrange the solicitation of cocaine that husband, "George W", uses today!

111.jpg Drug Money Talks & Bush Family Walks

The Family By Kitty Kelly

After attaining her master's degree in library science at the University of Texas at Austin, she was employed as a librarian and met her future husband, "George W" in 1977, and that they were married later that year.

The couple had twin daughters in 1981. Bush's political involvement began during her marriage. She campaigned together with her husband throughout his unsuccessful 1978 run for the "United States Congress", and later for his successful Texas campaign. From "The Family / The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty", by "Kitty Kelley":

Both George and Laura used to go down to the island of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands to visit Laura's college roomate Jane Clark and her boyfriend, the former baseball great Sandy Koufax. Elsewhere on the island, the Bushes used to attend and enjoy heavy pot-smoking parties.

222.jpg The Family / By Kitty Kelly

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