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The Bubble Gum Harvest

By @indaymers on 4 Oct 2019.
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The Bubble Gum Strain


They dried so fast because I hung the branches in the cellar beside the window with a slightly opened slit. Three days after, they got dried so fast, but to be on the safe side, I extended the drying to 2 more days. My world almost shuttered due to the pain on that garden incident that busted my right eye leading to the swollen eyeball. It was not just the eyeball but the cornea was affected so much. At any rate, after two weeks my right eye is already 80% sharp at focusing objects. They will remove the therapeutic lens on Tuesday next week. During these two weeks, I couldn´t take proper photos because my eye was blurry. So now I could finally share this harvest today… finally!


If you are following my blog, I have posted about the fungus that attacked the Bubble Gum strain which I have eradicated using a homemade concoction of baking soda and water. You can read the story here.


After the baking soda treatment, the weed grew and buds started to grow…although I was not sure whether the plant would be healthy again, I still had high hopes… a miracle happened when new soft green leaves started showing followed by the pistils. how I loved to see those white pistils surfacing…


And as the days gone by… the buds became densed as well as the leaves and pistils slowly turned copper colored while the trichomes spread its powerful THC to the buds. I felt a sigh of relief, the strain passed its trials.

And because I had the problematic eye at the time of the harvest, I didn´t manage to trim the cut buds of its leaves so the branches were simply hung upside down.

I only trimmed the buds of its leaves when everything was dry while my eye was recovering. I didn´t expect many buds tho and the harvest had not been huge, but at any rate, it was still a harvest.


I am telling you, it´s a dank strain, it is pungent although the description it has should have been that of a sweet smell and I am sure it will be a good thing for medicinal purposes which I could have right now because of eye pain. Oh well, maybe I should not wait til the curing is done and try it, well perhaps tonight. Let´s wait and see , will tell you about this later.


The curing started today and I am finishing this post right off here so I don´t get eye strain …and since I am impatient, I will try a puff soonest… Thanks for visiting and reading my blog!


TGIF… so keep puffin´ for a high !

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