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The Bible of Weed & The Father Of Marijuana Journalism

By @lordoftruth on 11 Oct 2019.
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As "High Times" magazine has stood at the forefront of marijuana counter-culture since 1974, and marijuana closer than ever to becoming a decriminalized, legal substance and more socially acceptable than ever, there’s no denying that "High Times" played a significant role as "Bible of Weed" and it is iconic.

The "High Times" espoused the medical value of #Weed and the foolhardiness of the drug war, it has evolved over the four decades of its publication, it has remained a mainstream venue featuring indispensable celebrity support and enthusiasm for cannabis, and it plays a significant role in the current legalization movement.

But the famous #Canna-Culture magazine has activist roots, as "Gary Goodson / The Father of Marijuana Journalism", established the influential marijuana-centric magazine in the summer of 1974 and within a couple of years, the magazine boasted a readership of four million readers, although "Gary Goodson" committed suicide in 1978, his legacy in the form of a rebellious, thought-provoking magazine continues!


The Father Of Marijuana Journalism / Thomas King Forcade

The underground journalist and cannabis rights activist in the 1970s, "Thomas King Forcade" (1945-1978) was known as "Gary Goodson", born in Phoenix, Arizona, he liked to smoke #Pot and experiment with psychedelics, but weed and psychedelics use didn’t seem to interfere with his studies as he graduated from the "University of Utah" in 1967 with a degree in business administration.

After he went into the "United States Air Force" and was discharged, the Air Force veteran used his aviation experience to illegally transport marijuana from Mexico and Columbia, and used his proceeds to form a hippie commune and underground magazine called Orpheus.

In 1970, during Congressional testimony in front of a pornography commission, he threw a pie in the face of a commissioner, shouting "The only obscenity is censorship!" Later indicted over alleged conspiracy to firebomb the Republican convention, though charges were dropped in 1974.


Gary Goodson & Bible of Weed

When he moved to New York City, he founded "High Times" with $12K and became famous as the magazine became a huge success with a circulation of more than 500,000 copies a month and income close to $10 million by 1977 and embraced by the young adult market as the bible of the alternative life culture.

He committed suicide in 1978 after a lifelong battle with manic depression, with a pearl-handled .22 revolver, after which control of "High Times" was transferred to a trust, he was considered one of the unsung heroes of the #Counterculture movement, he was a prominent agitator who reportedly pioneered pieing as a form of protest.

He wore many hats during his short time on Earth / drug smuggler, political activist, writer, intellectual, self-described "Social Architect". A courageous radical whose brainchild brought #Marijuana out of the underground, he ultimately changed the way the world perceived the weed.

His legacy reaches in many directions, his legacy is one of a man who dared to teach us about dope, he initiated the destruction of the taboo surrounding #Cannabis. He would have been 74 today - Rest in peace.


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