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The Astronaut & The Puff Of Pink Smoke

By @lordoftruth on 20 Oct 2019.
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He started drinking as a teenager and said he did not stop until the moment in 1992 when his doctor told him he had cirrhosis of the liver and could die within six months. In the 70s he starred as an Astronaut for whom a genie appeared in a puff of pink smoke. In the 80s he played oil baron “J.R. Ewing” in the soap opera “Dallas”.

After he played an “Astronaut” in the “United States Air Force”, they asked him to go to Vietnam and entertain the troops, he couldn’t do it. He went down to a location at Coco Beach in Florida where the launches eventually started, and they wanted him to wear a “Major’s Air Force” uniform like the one he was wearing in “I dream of Jeannie”, he couldn’t do it.

He did not accept to join the troops as after “I dream of Jeannie”, as whole period of time was his psychedelic time! Did the “Puff Of Pink Smoke” play a major role in his life?

Because during the time of filming, he first smokedCannabis, when his best friend offering him aJoint, and after he smoked, he went home and burst into tears. While his firstAcid trip was the most illuminating experience of his life, he also experimented with mushrooms and peyote once.

![222.jpg](https://img.smoke.io/img0/lordoftruth/527959470f23e72ac786c9f783162f23dfa9638f.jpeg) **(September 21, 1931 – November 23, 2012)**

The Astronaut / Larry Martin Hagman

The American actor, producer, and director, **"Larry Martin Hagman"** who made his presence felt in Hollywood for more than 50 years, was the son of a legendary actress **"Mary Virginia Martin"**. He was born in Fort Worth, Texas.

After attending “Bard College” in New York, he decided to follow his mother’s acting road. His first tryout was with the “Margo Jones Theatre-in-the-Round” in Dallas. He then appeared in the New York City Center production of “Taming the Shrew”, followed by a year in regional theater.

In his early-to-mid twenties, Larry moved to England as a member of the cast of his mother’s stage show, “South Pacific”, and was a member of the cast for five years. After that, he enrolled in the “United States Air Force”, where he produced and directed several series for members of the service.


The Puff Of Pink Smoke

Before he smoked**Marijuana** and tried LSD, he'd been going to a psychologist for a couple of years, he found out about success that you have to fight for it a lot, then when you reach it you can't give up the fight.

He was kind of like flogging a dead horse, he’d achieved what he wanted to and didn’t know how to stop, he had been addicted to Tobacco and Bontril, a mild form of amphetamine. He decided to stop and he did, he did successfully kick tobacco at the age of 34 (He smoked for like 20 years) and he stopped Bontril at the same time.

Quitting those two drugs (Tobacco & Bontril) put him in a state when one day, on the set, he started crying, shitting, his nose was running, ear wax was coming out, he was like exploding or imploding, and every kind of impurity in his body was leaving his body. They threw him in the back of a pickup truck because nobody wanted to put him in his car.

“Jack Nicholson” turned him on toWeed in Acapulco because Nicholson thought he was drinking too much, and the rock musician “David Crosby” introduced him to acid after a concert in the 60s, when he was better know as “Major Anthony Nelson”, in the hit TV sitcom “I dream of Jeannie”, which he said took away his fear of death.

The heavy drinker, he later recommended marijuana as an alternative to alcohol and not long before his death in 2012, he said the weed brought back his appetite while he was being treated for cancer. His autobiography “Hello Darlin’: Tall (and Absolutely True) Tales About My Life” reveals he inhaled, he wrote:


His last role was as Nelson, a Costco employee serving up samples to customers, on the CBS prank show, “I Get That a Lot” that was released in 2013. Larry died on November 23, 2012, due to complications from cancer, and we lost another “Hollywood’s Pothead Pioneer” !

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