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The Apple of My HIGH

By @grahamsvorten on 23 Dec 2019.
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IMG_7991.jpg {photo by Joey SLLiks]

The temperature here in Boston is hard to keep up with,

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and I need to constantly change up my gear. Unfortunately for me, I had left my Incredibowl in my fleece liner, and all I had with me on this mission, was just the Purple Chemdawg and a lighter.

It also occurred to me that I had indeed, just given away a pack of zig-zags to a friend in need, but had never replaced them in the supplies. Good news though, on this night, I am equipped with a bag of apples.

IMG_7987.jpg {photo by Joey SLLiks]

I have been using apples to smoke weed since my teenage years. The apple method is one of the few methods that offers the user vitamins, as well as being great for the effects of dry-mouth, blunt breath, munchies, and not to mention, a nice way to prevent cavities. In my many years of ganja usage, I have discovered that a chop stick is a perfect tool for preparing an apple for smoking and I just happen to be near Boston’s Chinatown.

IMG_E7951.JPG {photo by Joey SLLiks]

There are many ways to skin a cat I am told, and the same can be said for making an apple-bowl. I like to make a single, diagonal channel starting from the apple’s lower hemisphere, with it’s exit point being the circular hole where once there was a stem.

IMG_7988.jpg {photo by Joey SLLiks]

The apple’s skin seems to be somewhat waterproof and flame resistant and because apples in general, have such high water content, I feel like they cool down the smoke, maybe even make the weed burn slower. I always try to leave as much of the apple skin intact as possible, and make only 1 single hole in the orb, however It is common, with these creations, to see a second “rush” hole in the delicious pipes design.

Being a minimalist, I tend not to do this because it makes more of the apple inedible. Once you have a clear channel running through the apple, it is time to pack the dimple at the top with some ground-up flower.

IMG_7992.jpg {photo by Joey SLLiks]

An important safety aspect of this method, and especially for car travel, is that taking hits from the apple pipe isa bit more discreet than puffing on a classic glass bowl, and if push comes to shove, the evidence can easily be eaten. In my opinion hitting from the apple will make your weed taste better, unlike an old, resin-clogged, glass bowl.

IMG_7995.jpg {photo by Joey SLLiks]

While in Chinatown it would pretty much be dumb, to not grab some amazing take out. There are so many options here. Should I go to a bubble Tea spot for the trendiest of pan-Asia, a traditional chinese buffet or maybe some late night Dim Sum? Not sure if it was the weed or the options but I was feeling …”unsure

IMG_7974.JPG {photo by Joey SLLiks]

Then I see the hip hop inspired noodle house, ”RUCKUS“.

IMG_7983.JPG {photo by Joey SLLiks]

I grew up listening to WU-Tang, taking bingaz with my brother and eating tons of ramen after school so this place just feels right. This actual “TOP” Ramen, was not the cheap bland ramen I had grown up with but instead an official cultural experience. The hot soup on this cold night was so good, that when you weren’t looking, I cried a little.

IMG_7976.JPG {photo by Joey SLLiks]

IMG_7977.JPG {photo by Joey SLLiks]