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THC Godfathers / The Godfather of Cannabis Industry & His Cannabis Manifesto

By @lordoftruth on 20 Sep 2019.
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With the effort to legalize the weed that start to gain steam, and with medicalMarijuana now being recognized as a major healthcare issue, the question is no longer whether cannabis will be legalized and when, the most important questions are; How will it be legalized? and how will it be regulated and marketed, by whom and in what manner?

In “The Cannabis Manifesto”, The Godfather of the Cannabis Industry charts a clear, well-reasoned course to bringCannabis responsibly into the mainstream of American life. The longtime cannabis activist looks beyond the question of if and when to examine the real challenges facing society as it brings this heretofore illegal substance out of the shadows.

So, Who Is The Godfather of Cannabis Industry !

He is the leader of the $22.5 billion annual cannabis industry, the founder of the largest medical cannabis dispensary in the world, the “Harborside Health Center” and other several iconic cannabis businesses and organizations like “Steep Hill Laboratory”, the “Arc View Group”, and the “National Cannabis Industry Association”.

He has been featured by the New York Times, Fortune Magazine, the Washington Post, CNN, the Associated Press, the Wall Street Journal, NPR, BBC, and many others. He was awarded the High Times Lester Grinspoon Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition for his four decades of activism in the cannabis reform movement.

His name Steve DeAngelo (Born June 12, 1958), he is a pioneering cannabis entrepreneur, activist, author, and on-screen personality. His creation of a model medical cannabis dispensary coupled with his extensive knowledge as a lifelong activist made him one of the most respected speakers in the cannabis and hemp industries.

His creative projects include “The Cannabis Manifesto”, the Discovery ChannelDocumentary series “Weed Wars”, the premiere episode of CNN’s Inside Man with Morgan Spurlock and “Ask Steve” with Steve DeAngelo on Green Flower platform.

**Weed Wars Documentary / S01E01**
Steve DeAngelo & The Cannabis Manifesto

DeAngelo is a figure with decades of cannabis activism under his belt. He wrote The Cannabis Manifesto for two main groups of people:

  • People who are already in favor of cannabis reform, to give them all the latest science, the most up-to-date history, and the best arguments, so that they could really be effective activists.
  • People who are taking a look at cannabis in a serious way for the first time, to enable them to get a realistic and balanced picture of this plant.

His Cannabis Manifesto is written with intelligence and empathy, DeAngelo has crafted eight simple maxims that comprise his Manifesto:

  • Cannabis is not harmful, but prohibition is.
  • Cannabis should never have been made illegal.
  • Cannabis has always been a medicine.
  • Choose cannabis for wellness, not intoxication.
  • Cannabis reform doesn’t harm communities, it strengthens them.
  • Cannabis should be taxed and regulated as a wellness product.
  • Cannabis reform is a social-justice movement.
  • Legalization cannot and will not stopped.

He makes a compelling case against the folly of cannabis prohibition and the harms it produces, but more than that, his book is essentially about social equality, the right to self-determination, anti-violence, and misguided policies of the past that damages lives and wastes precious resources.

Yet this is not just theory. “The Cannabis Manifesto” is a clear and well-structuredCanna-Culture book, that can be read as an entrepreneurial memoir, business book, or recent social history.

**The Cannabis Manifesto / Steve DeAngelo**

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