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Supporting smoke.io with B.A.T

By @xen on 23 Dec 2019.
25 users rewarded @xen 299 Smoke for this post.

Hi all . Do you use the Brave browser? If not ,look it up ,as it’s more private ,ad-free and faster than google etc. You can choose to watch selective adverts ,which you get rewarded with “Basic attention tokens” (BAT) .you can then “tip” your favourite content creators ( like smoke.io) My “tip” below,is only a micro amount,but it all adds up and if more smoke members install Brave ,get rewards and then tip smoke ,it will help growth.



Ironically,i hate adverts! Thing is though,the idea is that the adverts you see are based on your browsing interests,not just randomly pushed at you . Btw you can buy BAT on exchanges (a good investment i.m.o) .


I would love to hear if any smoke users start using brave and what they think. So, i will do another Brave/bat post soon . Bfn people… )