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Sundays strain Magnificent Mile

By @hd420 on 3 Nov 2019.
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Overall Magnificent Mile from Goldleaf is a beautiful flower. At $60 an eighth from my verilife dispensary in Illinois, I can see why she was named after a high end shopping district, being a high end product as she is. Looks, smell and taste are not her strong points, though they are very much quality qualities, no she is a heavy hitter. Seems all her power went to the high over the other traits, but for a very VERY good reason. I would gladly take this lady to bed with me every night…and just well may from now on 😁😁😁 PSX_20191103_124228.jpg PSX_20191103_124329.jpg PSX_20191103_124739.jpg PSX_20191103_124932.jpg Looks Very dense solid nugs with a pyramid shape, slight hints of pink hiding inside, covered in deep dark purple highlights to offset the bright greens, oranges, and the glassy sugary coating of tricombs. Reflections abound just like the dazzling lights of the skyscrapers lining the magnificent mile of Chicago, which she was named after. She’s pretty like the city πŸ˜‹πŸ˜πŸ˜‹ PSX_20191103_123955.jpg PSX_20191103_124638.jpg PSX_20191103_124905.jpg Smell The first scent is a medium diesel smell with a bit of sweet… something after a moment. Not quite sure, maybe due to to the highlight colors, she is hiding little bits of pink in there. Very much like the taste, a pleasant experience, but not extreme. PSX_20191103_124058.jpg PSX_20191103_124411.jpg PSX_20191103_124152.jpg Taste Moderately fuely, sweet and earthy taste. Nothing too overpowering, making for a pleasant well balanced tasting experience. PSX_20191103_124305.jpg PSX_20191103_124715.jpg High Now THIS is where she stands strong, while she knocks you out. She might take a few minutes but ooooo boy will she work her magic. By the end of your bowl, or joint, or dab sesh, or what have you, your eyes will be heavy. You’ll want to get nice and comfy. Put on a movie and get some snacks. Once she takes hold the grip is strong. Gravity multiples, you get a warm, fuzzy, wrapped in a blanket feeling all through your body. And while she leaves your mind well enough alone to follow the plot of your movie with some extra giggles, your eyes may wander and close before the ending. She is one for relaxing for sure. This is a very lazy high. If you need some sleep, she will surely comfort you all the way to dream land. This is not one to underestimate. PSX_20191103_124554.jpg PSX_20191103_124443.jpg PSX_20191103_124818.jpg PSX_20191103_124520.jpg Comments and constructive criticism welcomed, I’m still learning and have a long way to go. Thank you all! 😁

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