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[Strain Super Skunk] Always Learning(Less Is More) - Last Day 2020 Smoke.io NugPorn Book Contribution Entries 😳

By @d00k13 on 28 Dec 2019.
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Lesson Learned

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Man was I excited to get home and use my 2019 NugPorn Book as a prop... didn’t go so well as it did on SaltSpring for my last NugPorn post... less is more I finally came to the conclusion 😅


On SSI I only had my rollies and the book plus Christmas lights in the background.


I also had more space there where as here I went and grabbed all my interesting cannabis related items and tried to arrange a backdrop 🤦‍♂️ less is more! The best shots I have taken have only 3 focal subjects where even with blurring and playing with angles this has many more.


Good looking bud though so it’s not like the shots come out bad... not what I would like though 😅


I mean just look at that cluttered mess I’m trying to make look good 😆 just the clean white background of the book looked a lot better to me 🤔 still working on getting the angles down only using an iPhone 😏

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