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Snow White - Wisconsin Grown Holland Bred [Lets Take A Closer Look]

By @relaylogix on 14 May 2019.
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Snow White - Nirvana Seed Company

Nirvana has a good thing going here, I really enjoyed this review. This strain is a bit different for #ACloserLook, in the fact, I know the cultivar. This is by far the freshest strain I have reviewed, well manicured to my liking, frost trichomes that have yet to be smashed to the side of someone’s Ziploc in a pocket.

![Copy of IMG_2627.jpg](https://img.smoke.io/img0/relaylogix/dfcf63adfe973b41b9e1fe2990f1948b616ebf83.jpeg)

Snow White is a hybrid cross of White Widow
and Northern Lights. According to Nirvana Seeds,
the strain is a 65/35 Indica - Sativa. I would take their
word over the falsity being portrayed on Leafly.com
as seen below. They fail to mention anything about the
Northern Lights parent in the lineage.

WHERE’s My Dad Leafly?


These buds have a great fresh smell to them.
Sugary crystals coat this strain in all the
right places. Like I said I know the cultivar, I can
assure you this bud is less than two months cut.
It could use a bit longer to ferment in it’s
own gaseous decay to bring out a bit more of the
fruity tones, I can almost sniff them here. Every so
often a sniff provides the fruity essence of this strain.

![Copy of IMG_2628.jpg](https://img.smoke.io/img0/relaylogix/5536a428b971b69a7a5a6bfa04276f766ce8849a.jpeg)



Look At the hairs on this beauty! Red n Plenty!
I seen some photos of these babies flowering, holy
shit the white hairs in the pictures! Scope quality pictures at that!

Copy of IMG_2629.jpg      Copy of IMG_2634.jpg
Copy of IMG_2635.jpgCopy of IMG_2636.jpgCopy of IMG_2640.jpgCopy of IMG_2645.jpg

Let me roll one of these bad mamajama’s up…

Copy of IMG_2646.jpg        Copy of IMG_2647.jpgCopy of IMG_2649.jpg        Copy of IMG_2650.jpgCopy of IMG_2651.jpg

This bud is smooth…

Smooth and easy to toke. It has the I just got picked linger to it, not a bad thing just something growers understand. A bit longer on the shelf will rid the buds of that. There is a bit of gaseousness but not too much, and of course that hint of fruity smell, well there is that hint of fruity taste. No doubt a bit longer cure would bring out some fruity tones here. I didn’t get the real earthy grow medium taste along with the first few tokes, so that tells me the grower is flushing nicely!

The buzz wasn’t there at first, but they warned me of that as well. When it finally creeps up, it is very heady, energetic in my opinion. Then I hit it some more, now I am finding my fingers stumbling as my backspace and delete key are seeing a bit more attention. It is also kind of tingly but not locking as I was warned if too much was consumed. Maybe I did not over do it! I never experienced the lock, but this joint was not very big as they warned me first. Next time I think I’d double my intake in 1 sitting.

Over all This strain is great, well bred, nicely grown, perfectly trimmed, and did I mention, I came up an a couple clones of this great beauty, Well I just did! If you see this strain hanging around on your dispensary shelf or in your dealers back pocket, I suggest highly on picking it up!

Until next time stoners…

Toe Toe Toke It Up…