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By @chronocrypto on 27 Oct 2018.
82 users rewarded @chronocrypto 435 Smoke for this post.

Content Discovery and Curation For the Smoke Blockchain Discover thousands of follow-worthy Guilds and Authors, set up smoking Streams or launch your own Cannabis Guild!

What can @Smokevoter/Smoker do for me?

An overview of main benefits provided by @Smokevoter Smokevoter will be an semi-automatic upsmoking service that upsmokes on your behalf according to rules you set. You can control who the service smokes on, how much smoke power is used, and when to upsmoke.

@Smokevoter will work for you as your own personal assistant 24/7 so you will never miss toking on your favorite cannabis authors! When @Smokevoter, upsmokes for you, the upsmoke is actually done from your Smoke.io account so appears exactly as if you manually voted on a post yourself. It's a perfect way to make sure you never miss voting on authors you enjoy supporting. And of course, by making it possible to upsmoke even when you're getting super baked!! @Smokevoter helps to increase your curation rewards as well, what better way to gain more damn smoke!

In addition, @Smokevoter provides a robust smoke-ecosystem of guilds for you to join. A Smokeguild is a group of people who collectively focus their voting efforts to curate a specific, targeted selection of content. When a SmokeGuild upsmokes on a dank post, all the members of the SmokeGuild will upsmoke on it as well. In this way, local canna-communities can combine their smoke power to smokeup only the content they are interested in.

Taken together, @Smokevoter SmokeGuilds and personal voting rules (or Streams, as we call them) for your Smoke account provide a great degree of flexibility in automating your Smoking curation efforts.


Please wait for the Dapp to be completed so than you can enjoy a nice puff of smoke dapp.