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#SmokeSalad Sunday Special - 9 Strain Salad

By @daddydaycare2x on 20 Oct 2019.
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It’s Sunday… Time for another #SmokeSalad

I haven’t had time to review all 9 strains yet, but I’ll be working on those next week! We will be mixing up some really interesting strains for this #saladbowl today, so get comfortable and let’s blaze 🔥

What’s in the mix?


1 popcorn bud of each strain should do it

It’s been a highly productive week for me and I just worked a 13 hour event yesterday for a large corporate client (Won’t name them here for obvious reasons..lol) and I feel like this rainy Sunday is a prime opportunity to enjoy some quality #smokesalad. When it rains = I feel more pain. It’s more than noticeable, too. I can sense the rain in my bones and joints hours before it starts. It’s a great day to torch that pain away.

Less is More

Because this mix is likely to be some fierce ass funk, I’ll be mixing this and enjoying just a pinch or two in a bowl — I don’t think it will take much to get me where I want to go. I’ll toss the remaining mix into a container for another rainy day. I work too damn hard to waste weed 😆

Strain Grower
• Triangle Kush Grow West
• Blackberry gLeaf
• 6 Star Harvest
• Lemon OG Kush Nature’s Heritage
• Garlic Cookies Grassroots
• AAA OG Curio
• Chem ‘91 x Alien Dawg Grow West
• Tahoe OG x Triangle Kush Grow West
• Amherst Sour Diesel Curio


Time to Grind


Kief Salad is the Byproduct

The mixing of strains to be enjoyed together is true synergy. What’s even better is the byproduct that this synergy creates. My kief collection is a mixture of all the strains that I try, so that is something that is truly one of a kind. I use my Kief sparingly when I do use it, but I prefer to save it. It’s like a bank of dank. Wanna see some salad sift?


Previously shared on My @GRASSCLOUDSMD insta using 60 micron screen

The best part of making a #smokesalad is the process. Enjoying the benefits of multiple cannabis strains at once can be incredible. Eventually, after several salads, you’ll end up with some bonus material in your dank bank. 90D2B5F6-412A-4022-ABC1-9290FED5B215.jpeg


The key is sustainability - be conservative with your cannabis. It doesn’t matter if you are getting products from a dispensary or are procuring your buds ‘under the table’ - save and conserve some of it. Once you have two or more types of cannabis then you’re ready to make a salad. It’s a 3 step process that anyone can partake in.

Step 1 Save a bud of each bag you acquire

Step 2 Mix 2 or more buds into a grinder & mix it up

Step 3 Enjoy your #SmokeSalad however you prefer to consume your cannabis

SHARE Your #SmokeSalad / #SALADBOWL with one of those tags

I will support quality contributors and we can all salivate over all of the unique mixtures that the community comes up with.

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Let me know which format and tag you think is the best. I would like to collaborate with the smoke community to shape this into something we can all enjoy participating in. Your input is greatly appreciated. Let me know below

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