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SmokeLog for Saturday, 29th of June

By @psyceratopsb on 29 Jun 2019.
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For this series I have decided to document my «SMOKELOG» throughout the day and publish it before sleep.

I will back it up with  pictures and gifs from my #nugporn, smoke-sessions, smoke-spots and few lines of text from my #life. Hope you enjoy reading it. If you like, post in comments  pictures of your smoke sessions.

##### Log № 1 ##### Time of the day: 0733 ##### Location: Balc ##### Subject name: WakeAndBake

Morning here, morning there!

Where the hell is that heat wave? All I see is rain, now when the weekend should start, and when you work only thing you see is sun, from the inside of course. Just like our favorite plant in greenhouse.

Log № 2
Time of the day: 1726
Location: Home
Subject name: AngerAndBake

Seems like I don’t have any luck. We should finish today earlier with class, and we did. So, I planned to go with my wife for the bicycle ride somwhere to the hills…well, this was the plan until I came to the city centre with the bus.

It usually takes me 1 hour to class, but now it took me just from city centre two hours to get home. Fucking Pride, closed everything and destroyed my day…at least one part of it. All I can do now is chill at home and smoke.

Log № 3
Time of the day: 1905
Location: Balc
Subject name: Keep CalmAndBake

Now I heel much calmer. Spliff helped a lot. Food also, fuck it, coffee as well. Just taking my idle day slow. We would say something in Croatian like, “If it is a rade let it be masquerade!” Make things fun!

Log № 4
Time of the day: 2328
Location: Balc
Subject name: Last

Last, but only for today. Not sure how long is there energy for staying up so I’ll close this one. Morning, class…not too early but still, not waking up by my wish.




Smoke ON, Stress OFF!


Stay positive, THC positive!

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