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SmokeLog for Friday, 27th of September

By @psyceratopsb on 28 Sep 2019.
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For this series I have decided to document my «SMOKELOG» throughout the day and publish it before sleep.

I will back it up with pictures and gifs from my #nugporn, smoke-sessions, smoke-spots and few lines of text from my #life. Hope you enjoy reading it. If you like, post in comments pictures of your smoke sessions and #smokelog

##### Log № 1 ##### Time of the day: 0820 ##### Location: Balc ##### Subject name: WakeAndBake

And we are back to routine. Coffee and wake and bake. Before work doing what I like to do best. Just to chill. Still have that hash… Autumn’s here, rain…so I’ll use or abuse my bathroom.

IMG_20190927_081955.jpg IMG_20190927_082429.jpg
Log № 2
Time of the day: 1920
Location: Balc
Subject name: RestAndBake

Oh, how I missed this…Both, taking pictures of my spliffs and writing about them, as well as working and than coming home for a smoke and chat with wife…and coffee to complement it all.

IMG_20190927_192059.jpg IMG_20190927_192347.jpg

Nothing big today, except Friday and no class over weekend. Still some things to do bout it, but nothing pressure-like. For now, I’ll chill and after that resume making movie from the wedding. Want to have it instead of pictures, more convenient and looks much more interesting. Like 15 minutes to compile all 3 days.

Log № 3
Time of the day: w237
Location: Balc
Subject name: Last?

Not much smoking involved today. Perhaps it might be good as there will be more work done. Some parts are done. I might switch to nutrition after this spliff. Weather, it started to rain. Let me roll one and see if it’s gonna start harder or stay like this.


So far so good…

Log № 4
Time of the day: 0208
Location: Balc
Subject name: Last!

Some work has been done. Soon to finish the video.

That’s it, I’m officially done with Friday. We will see what tommorow will bring.



Smoke ON, Stress OFF!


Stay positive, THC positive!

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