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Smoke meet up with @relaylogix

By @tecnosgirl on 9 Mar 2020.
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So today I met up with @relaylogix

His work brought him to my part of the world and since today was a travel day he detoured to come and hang out with me and my husband for a bit. It was great to finally put a face to a name and voice I have occasionally heard on discord. But what was even cooler was to have a smoke out with a fellow stoner from smoke.io. My first official blockchain meet-up. We hung out for a couple of hours and smoked a few fatties.

15837814918054982370200829390397.jpg The cone I gave him to take back to his hotel for tonight, we also smoked a couple of others not pictured


We talked a little about the blockchain

But mainly about life and my husband and him got talking shop talk. Amazing how quickly that can happen. I also tried to show genuine Hoosier Hospitality that we are famous for, hopefully he felt welcome. I will let him share his gifts that he was given later. It was also cool to hand deliver a prize for once, how awesome that his number came up the night before he arrived in the area. The visited ended as @relaylogix still had about an hour travel time to his final destination but before he left we took a photo together. My husband says we could be related but I don't see it. LOL

Screenshot_20200309-185433_Photos.jpg that was a joke cause both of us have to remain anonymous cause of where we live

Don't worry we didn't plan any evil takeovers @d00k13

But we did laugh about that comment you made about 2 witnesses meeting up. But we did plan to plan that next time if we forget to get high. Wait like that will ever happen us forgetting to get high, yeah no, that won't happen ever.

Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass, don't mess up the rotation. And thank you @relaylogix for the smoke you gifted me from your grow I will throughly enjoy smoking it.