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SMOKE Is Going Nowhere - Go Support Yo Witnesses!

By @unnamed on 17 Nov 2019.
47 users rewarded @unnamed 880 Smoke for this post.

Because of by now well documented blockchain issues most Smoke members have gotten first hand experience of the importance of witnesses/block producers to blockchains.

In the past we may often have mentioned that “without witnesses there’s no chain”. To most those were merely “intangible words” without any true meaning to them. Sadly enough, our own little yet awesome community got to experience this exact thing.

But as previously mentioned in Discord: “Smoke isn’t going anywhere and will be back”.

And back we are. With a vengeance too?

Support Yo Witnesses!

Supporting witnesses matters. Whenever a witness posts, chuck them an upsmoke. Most witnesses run their node at negative ROI and that is expected to continue to be the reality for many moons to come.

Without a mega altcoin bull-run that will not change. Even then, increased value of the token may result in massive uptake of the chain and subsequent increased server requirements for witnesses.


Make sure to always keep your witness votes updated. A top 20 witness who disabled their node some weeks ago slows down the chain and somebody else deserves their place.

Consider Operating a Witness

At current chain activity, depending on configuration and knowledge of hosting scene, a witness can be operated from starting $10/month to $40/month in most cases.

With minimal computer skills, some desire, and few tokes, anyone can operate a witness thanks to this awesome guide by @bbq-iguana. Alternatively one can consider @jrswab’s Hotbox which makes running a witness even easier to get in.

And, of course, there’s always witnesses available to help you get going as well. Don’t hesitate to ask, help is always available and as witnesses ourselves we are more than happy to help and grow the crew of SMOKE witnesses.

Also we, witnesses, don’t want to experience what happened this week again.

Pool Together if Needed

If $30-40/month (average cost for recommended configuration) is too much for you, consider pooling together as a witness team.

Some people will gladly pay $8 or more for a cup of coffee. For little more you can be an integral pillar of a decentralized, censor-resilient immutable niche community. A place where any cannabis lover can post without fear of being deplatformed, shadowbanned or demonetized.

More so, a cannabis community which rewards its creators and curators.

Some of us may have seen and remember some epic witness team crashes on other similar chains. There’s one simple rule to avoid such epic trainwrecks:

”Whatever happens, collaborating for a witness will not destroy our friendship and we will disable and split rewards equally before it could possibly damage our relationships”

If you run a team and set that out as first rule, you will most likely be able to avoid worst case scenario if ever your witness team doesn’t click anymore. As long as you stick to that ethos… shut shop before the worst can happen. You’ve even already decided how rewards will be shared.

The golden rule to abide by for teams ran by friends.


@CannaWeedness is a team witness. We are three. If some dispute has potential to escalate, we hold a democratic vote and move on, based on the decision democratically taken. Before things can become emotional and damaging(*).

If a high level debate were to happen, one will definitely mention it’s time to hold a vote over the topic. At that exact moment the emotions are taken out of things and the topic ends some minutes later and will barely ever have potential to escalate to more damaging levels.

Witnesses… Post Regularly

We all know that the witness rewards are low, even more so because of being a small niche token with little visibility.

Post regular updates.

If you don’t post, we can not increase the support and rewards you make. Sure, most of us don’t witness for the rewards [as operational costs are low] but an occasional update has never hurt anyone and currently, as the community is small and has several supportive active curators… rewards are easy to come by. Even an occasional update will do.


Remember…the larger your stake, the more you can reward our community of creators as well, which in turn will increase your visibility and most likely also the number of members who vote for you.

Witnesses are valued. If they weren’t already, pretty sure they now are by everyone who was with us in last few days. Give us the opportunity to support you more than the few SMOKE you make in witness rewards.

New Witnesses

In last 24 hours several new witnesses joined us already. Go show your support and chuck them a vote!

@jackdub @startail @eder-witness @velvet-elvis @johngalt

Second @CannaWeedness Witness Account

In order to consolidate the network in the near future, @cannaweedness has activated a second witness account @cw-devfund. This is hopefully merely a temporarily required measure, but until the network has consolidated, every witness is updated to 0.0.7 and we have hopefully gathered some more new witnesses, we will maintain this account as backup witness. Once the network is stronger again and new witnesses have consolidated, we will disable the backup witness again.

If y’all vote it in top 20… we will be required to disable it as that would damage the decentralization of the chain. :P

Enough from me for now. Time for everyone to make me use my VP again and post awesome content which we can also share across the intarwebz.

And don’t forget: support yo witnesses and if they don’t post… nag them to occasionally/regularly post so we can all support them!

Now let’s take SMOKE to the moon!

PS: Thanks to everyone for sticking with us and having sat through this week! ♥ ♥ ♥

(*) Don’t worry, we’re all pretty “stoic”. In one year we never had to hold a vote, but if ever emotions run high… we will.

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