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Sir. Norman Lamb & The GrassRoots Revolution

By @lordoftruth on 18 Sep 2019.
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Imagine if neurofen, paracetamol, codeine, morphine and aspirin was illegal? Would you seek to take it illegally? How much pain would you have in your lives? None in comparison to the people in the below documentary. The below documentary is a truly powerful eye opening and educating on this subject, so much so that I insert it here.

GrassRoots / The Cannabis Revolution (2016)

The film explores the medicinal use of cannabis, the patients involved & the campaign to change UK law. It delves into the lives of people consumingCannabis medically, and follows their movement exploring the beneficial properties of cannabis and looks at the UK’s drug laws, questioning negative perceptions.

If you suffer daily with excruciating pain from MS or cancer would you take a concoction of 10 variously prescribed painkillers and medication daily and that barely help your pain levels and day to day quality of life, or instead of these tablets smoke or eat a herb that actually helps relieve pain to a manageable level hence really enhancing essential daily quality of life?

A lot of people do not understand how cannabis works and effects their bodies in its gentle way because it is labeled and associated with the word “DRUG”. Watch the below video, run a little research and continue reading.

Norman Lamb

He was a candidate in the 2015 Liberal Democrats leadership election. He served most recently as Minister of State for Care and Support in the Department of Health, and previously as Minister of State for Employment Relations in the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, and earlier as Parliamentary Private Secretary to Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg in the Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coalition Government.

He is the British Liberal Democrat politician who proposed the biggest shake up to UK drugs laws in the last 50 years, “Sir Norman Peter Lamb” (Born 16 September 1957), who has been the Member of Parliament for North Norfolk since 2001 and chair of the Science and Technology Committee since 2017. His bill, presented to Parliament in 2016, proposed the introduction of a legalMarijuana market in the UK. His Comment on the eve of the bill was:

I’ve argued for a long time that our laws on drugs are outdated, harmful and well overdue for reform. A regulated market in the UK will take profits out of the hands of organised crime and reduce both health and social harms. By bringing this bill to Parliament, I hope to kick-start an open and mature discussion about the UK’s drug laws which is long overdue.
Lamb & Weed

The former health minister who previously tried the weed as a student is a long-term advocate of the legalisation of cannabis, has spoken about buying and using cannabis oil (THC) to relax himself before an important meeting as part of a BBC documentary about the legalisation of the weed in Canada, he bought and sampled cannabis oil, before flushing the rest of it down the toilet before his return flight to the UK, he said:

I was really anxious because I had the hearing of the technology and science select committee the next day and I was travelling back overnight, and I just thought if I get back having had no sleep it will be a challenge.

He said also, it was “ridiculous” that he had to dispose of it down the toilet before returning to the UK, “Because to bring it back into the country would have been a criminal act”.

**Norman Lamb & The GrassRoots Revolution / Spotify**
Norman Lamb & The GrassRoots Revolution

Lamb has announced he will not stand at the next general election and has set up a trust that will support the work of mental health and learning disability charities. He launched this year a fund with Norfolk Community Foundation with £10,000 of his money to start it off and is inviting others to add to it. The Norman Lamb Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund will give money toGrassroots charities and organisations in Norfolk which help improve mental wellbeing.

**Canada Have Predicted The UK Will Legalise Cannabis Within 15 Years! / I Believe it is Wrong Prediction, 2-3 Years is Needed for UK to Complete Legalise Cannabis Use / Time Will Tell!**
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